And, intoducing…

I mentioned in the About section that I have a puppy dog, right? Well, the wait is over.

I was putting away my laundry a couple of days ago, and Grady snuck* into the closet and hid behind my shoes. He’s a mischievous little poop, but he gets away with murder ’cause he’s so darn cute.

Grady in ClosetBehold!!!

GradyGrady’s Closet

*I totally looked up snuck vs. sneaked. It is acceptable in America, people. The land of the free, indeed.

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2 Responses to And, intoducing…

  1. Darling Nikki says:

    Did you really paint the inside of your closet to match your walls?!?!?!

  2. chris2fer says:

    Yes, I did. Doesn’t everyone?

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