Silly’s Restaurant

Place: Silly’s Restaurant

Time: 7pm, Friday September 28

With: Hubby, Sabrina, Zee and Myself

Where:  Portland, Maine


My good friend Zee recently bought a house in the East end of Portland, and we all gathered there on Friday evening to celebrate. We decided to go to a nearby eatery called Silly’s to have a little din-din and be chatty and chewy.

Silly’s is housed on the first floor of what looks like a 3 story residential home. It’s not too big inside. Kinda small-ish, in fact. It has shower curtains on the windows, lots of pictures on the walls, and beaded lighting. Remember Light-Brites? Its like eating food while sitting inside of a Light-Brite. A very large specials board is prominent on the wall. There are lots of colors and knick-knacks (nick-nacks?) competing for your eye time. All in all, it is a cheerful mess. Everyone who works there seems happy and well adjusted (which is a plus and a pleasant find in surly-waitress-filled Portland).

We decided to go to the backyard to eat, as the main room was crowded, and it was a beautiful night for September in Maine. The backyard is “decorated” with strings of rope lighting and metal art. It has a nice sized arbor in one corner. It could have been a little better lit – perhaps a lantern or two. It smelled vaguely of rotten apples. We sat at one of those giant wire spool tables that kids have in dorm rooms. Oh my god, I just called college students “kids”. I am officially an old fart.

The table had a nice, clean Tupperware box filled with plastic utensils, napkins, small cups, salt and pepper, and a deck of cards. This is a nice touch. What was a not so nice touch was the thermos of water sitting on the bottom shelf of the spool table. We were supposed to use that thermos to fill our own water needs. However, said thermos was grody dirty. We didn’t notice until the flash went off on my camera, so I guess the dark lighting has some benefits.

We started with an order of Nachos (“Nacho Nacho Man”). These were delivered quickly, and were so yummy. The flour tortilla chips with cheese melted on them,  sour cream and salsa were a perfect combo. All involved enjoyed them.

Our waiter was a very nice young man (OLD FART!) who looked a little like Mark Anthony. Eat a twinky, nice young waiter. In the dark of the backyard you looked  like a zombie. Thanks for coming up behind me and scaring the bejesus outta me, cheekbones.

I ordered and really enjoyed the “Chicken in a Boat”. It’s a chimichanga filled with thai peanut sauce, chicken, noodles, mushrooms, cheese, and scallions. Yummer to the max. It was huge and filling and everyone tried some and loved it.

Zee ordered Rice and beans. You have to try hard to screw up rice and beans, and Silly’s didn’t.

The Hub ordered the Kabooki Bowl (spelling theirs). It’s a simple dish, just a bowl of marinated and grilled chicken on top of garlic roasted veggies. We all tried it and liked, but Hub thought it was a little salty. Just like me! Bah dum bum. I’m here all week.

Sabrina ordered a small “Easy to be Green” pizza. It had avocado pulp, cheddar, mozzarella, fresh tomato, scallions, ricotta, and garlic. It was supposed to be served with “a wedge of lime for squeezin”, but it wasn’t. Mark Anthony said that the owner made Sab’s pizza personally, but forgot the lime. And then, so did Mark. No lime for Sab! She didn’t seem enthused, so we all tasted a bit – it was gooey. The pizza was gooey. Not in a cheese-filled fried yummer way, but in a slimy way. Ick.

(Please also enjoy Sab’s wonderous dirty-pillows in the above shot.)

While we were eating, a skunk walked behind Sab, settled in, and watched us from about 10 feet away. I just looked up how far skunks can spray, and they can spray with some accuracy up to 10 feet. Up to 15 feet the spray would be a fine mist. I tried to take a picture, but the wuses at our table were all “Don’t antagonize the skunk!” and “Aaargh! A skunk! Let’s panic!”.

This was not Sabrina’s night. When we were driving back in my car, we all smelled something DANK. Just …wrong. It smelled a little like someone had run out of toilet paper, if you get my gist. Or, like after the winter thaw, the smell that comes from overturned leaves… dark and death-y. When we got into Zee’s new, clean house the smell had followed us. We all checked our feet to no avail. Except Sabby. Poor Sabby had stepped in something that made her face screw up tighter than a straight guys butthole during a Queer Eye makeover. She worked on cleaning the deep treads of that shoe for 25 minutes, using bleach and windex and a plastic knife. After her shoe was clean enough for Martha Stewart to eat off of, she said she still smelled it. I told her that the smell had become alive and was nesting in her nostrils. Ick times 2.

Synopsis: Silly’s is a nice, cheap restaurant with pleasant wait staff and interesting food. Just watch where you walk if you sit outside. And bring a flashlight.

PS – Here is their bathroom. If you had to sit, you would be staring at the DON’T BUG ME sign. Um – Ok? I wont.

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2 Responses to Silly’s Restaurant

  1. Missy says:

    Hi Chris. :o) I used to go to silly’s when taylor was little… um, so 10-15 years ago, yikes! It was always GOOD and chicken chimichangas are MY favorite! It has always been pretty ‘earthy’ and GOOD! Did I mention it has always been GOOD?
    Also if I may…If you havent yet, try the sweet potato fries (and a wrap or anything, it’s all yummy) @ federal spice- 225 federal st. You have almost certainly been there I’d think but I am in a bit of shock that you hadn’t had silly’s before so what do i know? Keep writing… it’s absolutely lovely!

  2. chris2fer says:

    Hi Missy! I miss you! Yes, Ive been to Fed Spice, but it’s been ages. We should go together! Call me. Smooches, 2fer.

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