Sandi Patty

I loves me some Sandi Patty.

For those of you in the know, Sandi Patty is a Christian music artist whose heyday was in the mid-eighties, but is still going strong. She sings inspirational songs that start all quiet and end with a huge orchestra and on a high note. Lady has pipes.

I was turned onto Sandi by Wanda Basham. She was my crush in early high school. I know: “Gross! A girl?” Wanda sang and signed Sandi Patti songs. I borrowed her “Make His Praise Glorious” tape, and fell in love with Sandi. Back then, she called herself Sandi Patti. With an “i”. ‘Cause it’s cuter!

I sang with Ms. Patti when she came to the Cumberland County Civic Center in the eighties with the Bill Gaither Trio (Wikipedia them. Go ahead – I’ll wait. …Back? Ok). I was a part of the children’s choir that Sandi requested at every venue. Of course, I was too young, and don’t remember this very well. I’m sure I was amazing, though. Duh.

So, I am a Sandi Patty(i) collector. I have all of her commercially released albums. I also have several songs that she did as collaborations on other artist’s albums, like the duet with Deniece Williams (They Say). I frequently go on the internet to find music that I didn’t know about, and try to acquire it.

Yesterday on Ebay I found a cantata that Sandi was featured on that was released in 1987. (A cantata is a musical that choirs perform in church, during Easter or Christmas.) It was a CD. I was thrilled. At quarter past ten last night, I was sitting on my computer hitting refresh every few seconds.  When the time limit got down to 2 minutes, I put in my bid. I put in a few dollars above the current high bidder, so that even if they saw my bid and tried to top me, they would eat up the remaining time trying to get in over my maximum bid.

I realize as I am staring at the computer that I am excited about the prospect of winning this cd. My stomach is fluttery and I am sweating a little bit (just a little dewy glow, of course). I think that this is the way that big game hunters feel when they are about to shoot their prey. I am going to win this! I am the top rung on the Sandi Patty collector’s food chain! I feel slightly weird getting this rush from fighting an online war for a cd.

After I won the “very rare” cd (YAY!), I glanced at the previous high bidder – RPatty. Hmm. Where have I heard that name? R Patty. R Patty. Oh yes. Ron Patty. Sandi’s FATHER. Oh, well. Sorry, Ronny. Leave a comment if you want a copy.


PS – If you found this entry while searching for Sandi Patty, please be advised that this is an irreverent website of a heathen gay foodie. Please stay if you would like to free your mind (and the rest will follow), or move on to:

PPS – Including “Make His praise Glorious” (pictured above), these are her best albums. You can find them. Go get em!


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8 Responses to Sandi Patty

  1. Wendy says:

    I totally remember the Bashams! Carolyn graduated with me!

  2. chris2fer says:

    Yes – Wanda and Carolyn are great! I havent talked to Wanda in forever.

  3. Wanda Basham says:

    It is amazing what one finds when they do a google search on the internet using a maiden name!

    How are you Chris? Since we haven’t talked “forever” I thought I would send you a note.

    Rob and I now live in San Diego with our 2 kids and are enjoying sunny CA!

    I didn’t realize I was the one who influenced your love of Sandy Patti. How funny.

    Take care…

  4. chris2fer says:

    Hi Wanda,
    How great to hear from you! Drop me a line, sometime.

  5. stephen spaur says:

    hello! we dont know each other. i was doing a search on sandi patty and saw this picture for “Jesus Shall Reign”. im a collector of sandis music as well. i was curious what song was on this album that sandi sings? a friend of mine made a few copies for me of some rare sandi stuff. i dont know if i already have it or not! thanx!

  6. chris2fer says:

    Hi Stephen,
    Sandi sings “In the Name Of The Lord”. It is the same recording from “A Morning Like This”, so you probably already have it. Good luck searching!

  7. John says:

    Stumbled across your blog when I was searching for info about out-of-print David Clydesdale recordings featuring Sandi Patti/Patty. Sorry to burst the bubble on your story about “Jesus Shall Reign,” but the competing bidder known as “RPatty” was not, in fact, Ron Patty. Instead, he was my college roommate (named Robert) who was about as fanatical about Sandi as one can get, even so much as to coin his username after her.

    However, my point is not to ruin your story, but to make friends…he and I both collect TONS of Sandi Patty (mostly audio and video), and if you’re interested in comparing and trading, please let me know!

  8. Raymond says:

    Hello there. I am from the Philippines and like you I am a Sandi Patty fan. She will have a concert in our country on February 7, 2009 and I can’t wait to see her.I have lots of Sandi tracks, audios(rare) and videos. I am willing to share and trade them with you. My email address is Hope to hear from you!

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