The Man of the House (Grady)

Alone again, naturally… 

Last night the Hub was out visiting his girlfriends, so I had the night to myself. I made dinner for me and Grady (he wont eat his food until we eat ours, no matter when we put his dish down. Isn’t that cunnin’!) After having dinner, Grady and I settled in to watch some television.

It’s strange that 4 years ago, when I was single, I thought nothing of hanging out at my apartment all by myself. I enjoyed it, in fact. Now, however, when I have an evening to myself, I am plagued by thoughts of The Hub all tangled in a mess of twisted metal and burning things, crumpled at the bottom of a very dangerous ditch if he doesn’t call me within a couple hours of when he is supposed to be home. I am a worrier. But I own that.

My sister called me to make sure I was watching “Pushing Daisies”. It’s a new show that just started last night, about a guy who has a magical gift: when he touches a dead person, they come back to life. When he touches them again, they go back to being dead.  It is written in a rapid, Joss Whedon-ish style: quick delivery and lots of funny little throw away lines. The lead characters are great, but what really made me smile were two of the supporting cast: Kristin Chenoweth and Ellen Greene.

Kristin Chenoweth was on West Wing, and in Wicked, and starred in her own short lived sitcom called “Kristin”, and has released albums and is awesome. And is 4 feet tall. And is cute as a button! (I totally just wrote cute as a bottom. Whoops.) If you have never heard her sing, you must go to Itunes and buy her song “Taylor, the Latte Boy”. It is truly wondrous. It makes you smile and giggle and believe in humanity and hug your mother. Unless you hate your mother, then it makes you want to hug a maternal person. Like a cancer! Go hug a cancer. (Sign, not tumor.)

Ellen Greene was Audrey in the movie (and Broadway) version of “Little Shop of Horrors”. She sang “Suddenly Seymour”. ‘Nuff said.

While I was talking to my sister a commercial came on for Cesar dog food, whose mascot is a Westie. I happened to pause the TV at the exact moment that the huge Westie head was on the screen. Grady did not approve.

The giant OZian dog head worked him up, so he grumbled around the room a bit, looking behind things to make sure that the enormous doggy wasn’t hiding there.

He grabbed his tennis ball and shoved it in the corner of the sofa. He had such a good time hiding the ball from himself, then finding it. He’s such an only child.


After some simply exhausting play time, he walked up to me and announced that he would like to sleep on my legs.


Thank god he can be such a little poopy-head, to balance the overwhelming cuteness out.  

I am currently listening to:
  1. I am the Worrier (Patty Smyth)                            (yes, intentional…)
  2. Taylor, the Latte Boy (Kristin Chenoweth)
  3. Ordinary Fool (Karen Carpenter)
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3 Responses to The Man of the House (Grady)

  1. luvflamingos says:

    Maybe Mr. Grady thought you were shopping on QVC for a new dog? Good reason to get worked up and hide his ball!

  2. Peg says:

    I am sooo in love!!

  3. debi maddox says:

    adorible lil pup,,damncute

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