Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

Have you ever played the game of Taboo? The object is to get your partner to say a word while giving them verbal clues. You have several words that you cannot say while giving the clues, usually the words that would make it easy to guess the answer.

Sunday night the Hub and I were grilling at Jess and Matt’s, trying to get a last bit of summer charcoal into our bellies. After we ate way too much sausage (no, not a metaphor) we played Taboo. At first, the teams were opposite spouses together, i.e.: Jess and me, Hub and Matt. This worked well. After a while, we switched teams so that spouses were together. Holy crap – that was a mistake.

It went something like this:

Round One (not with spouses):

Me: It’s a thing, that does something.

Jess: Pencil Sharpener!

Me: YES!!!

Round Two (with spouses):

Hub: In Portland.

Me: Graveyards!

Hub: No. Wait for me to finish. I go there every six months.

Me: My parent’s house!

Hub: No. Having to do with my mouth.

Me: Opera!

Hub. NO. Its something I might have to have done. That we talked about yesterday.

Me: Tattoo Removal?

Hub: NO. I don’t have a tattoo. A man in an office would help me.

Me: Um… Lithium clinic?

Hub: What? NO! Panama has a big one.

Me: Isthmus?

Hub: Argh! NO! Ok, ok… What keeps a carrot in the ground?

Me: … Gravity?

Time then ran out. We laughed so hard we started hiccupping sausage (Again, no. No metaphor). “Gravity! Ha ha hee hoo. Oh, Chris2fer.”

PS – If you didn’t get it yet, the answer was “root canal”. What holds a carrot in the ground: Root. Panama has a big one: Canal.

Chris2fer is smarts.


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2 Responses to Taboo

  1. Hubby says:

    Cross-pollination in games is critical to our happiness!

  2. Missy says:

    LOVE that game, although I havent played it in years. WOO HOO TABOO!

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