This is Halloween

Tender lumplings everywhere, life’s no good without a good scare 

Reason # 43 that I am a dork: I take glamour photos of my Halloween decorations. Yeah, I know.

I collect pumpkins, you see. Hub is always so happy to see me come home from a shopping trip with a new pumpkin or 4.


Have you heard of Jim Shore? (If so, you may be a dork, too! Welcome!) He makes wonderful little statues of Santa, or Disney stuff. And Halloween figures! The Hub and I were in Kennebunkport last year, getting some Christmas shopping done, and I happened to stumble across this little gem:


Hub bought it for me. He’s a good guy (Enabler).

This year, I bought this little witchy…


And this Dracula…

I am currently longing for this little item… And you know I would not limit myself to only displaying this at Halloween. This would become our new front door. The neighbors would LOVE it.


And this: Lamppost

And this is probably the coolest site to buy Halloweeny stuff: Grandinroad

You all just wait for Christmas! Oh, the dorkiness that is to come!

 If you wish to experience the full spectrum of glamour photos, click here

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One Response to This is Halloween

  1. Anonymous says:

    Chris – That new doorway would be a sure hit year around! Took my daughter out last night looking for Halloween decorations and it amazes me how many people don’t decorate their yards for Halloween.

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