Chris2fer’s Favorite Things

Just like Oprah… 

You know Oprah’s favorite things? Well, since I am practically interchangeable with Oprah (being a strong, wealthy black woman), I have decided to start Chris2fer’s Favorite Things. Just an ongoing list of things I love, that I’ll update whenever.

Connie Hayes

At the place where I work we have real framed art from local artists hanging in the various meeting rooms. My very favorite meeting room is 4E, because there is a painting by Connie Hayes hanging there. I always try to get a seat opposite the painting, so when I am bored by the meeting I can stare at the painting. Her vibrant color use reminds me of a dream. Here are some of my favorites from her website.

Decor books from the Seventies

I know that it was the synthetic decade, full of long hair and stinky people and bright patterns, but for some reason I love looking at books of seventies design. Yesterday I went to a book sale, and picked up a book that was published in 1972 by Better Homes and Gardens about how to fix up your living space. I especially love the pre-computer way of how to plan and design out your living space, with graph paper and 3d cardboard models. Plus, look how sexily the model from the first picture is laying beside the giant round ball. Freudian imagery, indeed.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Yesterday I watched Jake Gyllenhaal on Ellen. I’m very happily married and all, but Day-um. This boy is a dreamboat. Plus, he likes it rough in Brokeback.

Nuff said.

Connie Hayes

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