See how I transform this old rat into a most delightful hat

Yeah, I totally knew…

So, Dumbledore’s gay. Who knew? It kinda feels like JK threw that one out there to satisfy one of her gays. You know she has at least one or two. I mean, unless I missed it (and I’m always looking) there was no indication that he was a big ol ‘mo in any of the books. Of course, he was an old man, and no one likes to think of oldies being sexual in any way. Ew.

Yesterday the Hub and I watched Borat. I know that I am about a year behind on this, but it was shockingly funny. And by that, I mean that it was shocking, and funny. I don’t so much think that it makes fun of anyone but stupid Americans who just need to shuddup. Seriously, stop talking. Please. However, the only truly cringe-worthy part was when Borat and his friend were fighting in the hotel, naked. Gross squared. Asphyxiation by buttocks is not the way to go.

Sabrina, the Hub and I went to see A Nightmare Before Christmas in Disney 3D this weekend. We had to go to New Hampshire to see it, ’cause there are no digital theaters showing it in oh-so-metropolitan Maine. Oh My Godfrey. You need to find a theater and see this movie. Nightmare is worth it even without the 3D (the music alone will get you humming), but the added component is phenom. I was expecting stupid jump scares, like in Jaws 3D (here …come …the …TEETH!) but was pleasantly surprised. The 3D was completely natural and organic, and filled out every scene. It added a layer of reality that was missing, I think. Seriously – I know that it is about dancing skeletons and witches and a bug monster, but soldier up and go see it. Totally worth it.

As a final thought, this morning I spent about ten minutes trying to get a contact out of my eye before realizing that it was lying in the sink. The contact, not my eye. Nothing starts your day like a little bit o’ scratched cornea.

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One Response to See how I transform this old rat into a most delightful hat

  1. luvflamingos says:

    LOVE that movie….meaning Nightmare before Christmas…..not Borat…although I haven’t seen Borat so I really can’t comment! Actually own the VHS copy of Nightmare…love the songs, love the story, love, love, love it!!!!!

    Sorry about your scratched cornea. Trim the fingernails perhaps?

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