Portsmouth Gas Light Co.

Place: Portsmouth Gas Light Co.

Time: Saturday, Oct 20, 2007 – 6:30p

With: Sabrina and The Hub

Where:  Portsmouth, NH


When we were making plans to go to The Nightmare Before Christmas we also made sure to plan enough time to go to the Gas Light restaurant in Portsmouth for dinner. We had been there once before, about a year ago, and loved it.

The restaurant is on the street level of the building – downstairs there is “Downtown Pizza” and upstairs there is the “Third Floor Night Club”, all of which are run by Gas Light. The main floor restaurant is a rustic setting, in an old industrial building with exposed beams and 15 foot ceilings. There are copper accents everywhere. I mean, everywhere. The walls have copper accents, and the tables are copper, and the bathrooms sinks are copper, and the bar is copper, and the shelves are copper, and some of the seats are copper, and the wait staff is dressed in all copper sheeting.  So, it’s shiny, but smudges easily. Dim lighting, too.

We got there and since we didn’t have a reservation, we stood around in their tiny waiting area. And guess who came in? Carson Daly. I swear to Jebus. Sab and the Hub said no – he was too bloated, and as we all know Carson is manorexic. Go look on Google images. And besides, what is Carson doing in New Hampshire? But seriously, if this was not Carson Daly, then this guy went out of his way to look like him – untucked oxford shirt, rolled up sleeves, same hairdont, tight jeans. Hub said he got a gay vibe off of the guy, too. Whatev. I swear we dined with MTV royalty. I asked Sabrina to yell out “CARSON!” at one point during dinner, but she wouldn’t. Wuss.

It wasn’t too long before we were seated – at the table beside the waiter’s prep area and the kitchen door and the bathrooms. Yippee. Can’t wait for the wafting scent of poo. Our waiter came over and introduced himself. I shall call him Zomb, because he was undead in his appearance and demeanor. He barely bothered to open his eyes to see us, and he monotoned his way through the specials. Awesome.

Sabs ordered the “Wilted Salad”. It looked fantastic – a tower of sliced tomatoes and crumbled gorgonzola cheese on a bed of wilted greens. The only problem was that it was a bed of wilted greens in 2 cups of vinaigrette. She ate what she could dry off. She said it gave her a little belly ache.

Hubby ordered the “Shrimp Carbonara”, which he said was good. I tasted it (warm shrimp isn’t really my thing) and the carbonara sauce was tasty. The pasta was a little underdone for my taste, but I never know if that is just the “correct way” to eat pasta or not. I like my pasta limp and soft. Just like I like my… Oh, nevermind. Too easy.

I got the “Wood Grilled Chicken Sandwich”. You can’t go wrong with a Chicken sandwich, right? Well… It came with bacon and onions on it, which did little to mask that it was totally a frozen chicken breast. Also – there was no sauce on the sandwich. I asked Zomb if they had any honey mustard, and he said “Brraaaaaaaainnnnnssss”. Which means “No”. I settled for some Mayo.

So, aside from our celebrity sighting, this wasn’t a stellar outing. We will probably go back one more time to give the Gas Light the benefit of the doubt, since it was so good the previous time. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I’m expecting to see Downtown Julie Brown there.

Portsmouth Gas Light Co.

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2 Responses to Portsmouth Gas Light Co.

  1. luvflamingos says:

    Try the Portsmouth Brew pub right next door….no copper, and it is a brew pub, but they have good food. Sit in the bar area…or the back of the room…if they try to direct you to a room off to the left…and it’s during the day….don’t fall for it. Each time they have seated me in that room on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon….it is chock a block full of screaming kids…yes, it’s like the Chuck E Cheese room. If I see them steering me there I say, “Um, not in that room” like the Bee-yotch that I am.

  2. Hubby says:

    We have tried that place too. All I remember is being freakin’ cold. They had the AC cranked. We did have a nice table though with a view of the brewing room. I can’t remember the food. As usual, I recall that their menu was small…I HATE small menus.

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