Random Thoughts

Thank you, little fairy!

Grady has seasonal allergies. Since he is a Westie, we knew that he would be prone to skin irritants, but not that he would have ragweed induced sneezing fits. Poor little guy. He is just sitting there, happy and content, and then he jumps to his feet, puts his head down, starts shaking it back and forth, and bounces his way through a horrible violent sneeze. Apparently, this is a very bad year for Autumn allergy sufferers, and that all we need is one hard frost to make it all go away.  Come on, cold nights!

How does my Ipod know what I want to listen to? I swear, it has a little fairy that lives inside it, who knows just what I want to hear when I hit “Shuffle All Songs”. If I’m kinda sad? The Carpenters. If I’m bouncing happy? 9 to 5. If I’m just hanging out? Oleta Adams. Truthfully, it’s kinda psychic. Thank you, little fairy!

How awesome is the Magic Eraser? It truly is magical. There is nothing worse to try and get clean than a white fiberglass tub. I hate it. Scrub scrub scrubity arm-pain. But, one magic eraser and 5 minutes of your time, and you have what looks like a new tub. It works on dishes, and pans, and floors, and walls, and metal, and wood, and people, and everything. I seriously think that Mr. Clean made a deal with the devil to make these things.

Did anyone watch Viva Laughlin? It’s been canceled already. I loves me some Hugh Jackman, but had absolutely no desire to see this crap. Gimme some Wolverine. Take off your shirt!

News article about allergies

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One Response to Random Thoughts

  1. Hubby says:

    It really does hurt my heart to watch him sneeze. It takes over his whole body.

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