Espos’s Trattoria

Place: Espo’s Trattoria

Time: Friday October 26, 7:30p

With: Hubby, Jess, Matt, Mr Furious

Where:  Portland, Congress Street location


Friday was Jess’s birthday, and, as close personal gays of Matt and Jess, we let them take us out to eat to celebrate. I would do that for anyone. If you want to feed me, I’ll be a celebrator!

Jess decided that she would like to go to Espo’s. Espo’s is a little restaurant on Congress street. They also have a location much closer to our house, but it is crappy compared to this one. The original is still the best! It’s just a generic Italian restaurant inside – nothing special to write home about. You know, standard art – like this… We only go because the food is yummer.


If you own and display either of these, it is time to go back to You may NOT select anything in the “Most Popular” section.


Our waitress was a peach. Yes, she painted on her eyebrows, and yes, there was something iffy about her hair, but she was the kind of girl you want to do well, you know? Like, all she needed was a kind word and she’d do her best for you. I wanted to give her a hug and tell her what a good job she was doing. I’m such a nurturer / care giver.

We had the homemade focaccia bread with parmesan cheese and olive oil spread. We devoured it like it was a bucket of KFC we found after being voted off Survivor Island.

Jess ordered the “Meat Lasagna”. I know – creative naming, Espo’s namers. It was about the size of a textbook. It was huge and meaty and cheesy and saucy. It was exactly what Jess was looking for in a birthday meal. It is coincidentally also exactly what I look for and found in my man.

Matt had the “Shrimp Fra Diavolo” and Mr Furious had the “Miranda’s Penne Vodka”. Both thought that they were very good. I actually asked for “a couple adjectives” from these guys – I got “very good”. Eh – Straight men.

Hub ordered the “Scallop Marsala”, and generously let me taste it. It was wondrous. There were a ton of scallops, and plenty of marsala sauce. I hate it when you don’t get enough sauce with your meal. There is a chain restaurant where I have to practically beg to get more sauce on my marsala, but I wont demean myself by naming them. I’m above that.  However, it rhymes with Macaroni Grill. Woops!

I had the “Chicken Parmigiana”. It was perfect. They pound the chicken very thin, and fry it to a golden crispy delight. I will always get the chicken parmigiana when I go to Espos, because why mess with awesome? Also – I never know whether to call it chicken parmesan, or chicken parmigiana. They give me the same thing either way. Is parmigiana pronounced parmesan? Or is it just lazy American slang?

Go to Espo’s. They have tasty food and hugable wait staff. And malleable pronunciation guidelines.

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