A vampire cat walks into a bar with a ghost, a vamp, and Buffy…

Next year, I’ll be hanging with Glenn Close

Last week I went to lunch with Sabrina and our friend Dani, who is an executive at a local company. We were chatting about Halloween plans and parties, and Dani mentioned that she was invited to a party, but wasn’t going because her husband was out of town. I asked who was throwing it? Oh, she says nonchalantly…Glenn Close. GLENN FREAKING CLOSE. I started hyperventilating and said that I would go with her! Me, me, pick me! Nope. She’s already past the RSVP date and she had declined. Maybe next year. I’m totally marking my calendar to start bugging her in August ’08…

Speaking of parties, Jess and Matt had a Halloween bash on Saturday night. It was much fun, even with the extreme lack of celebrities who starred in Dangerous Liaisons.

We live on a dead end street in Portland, and most of our neighbors are also our good friends. (I totally live in Mayberry. I think I’m probably Barnie Fife.) So, we can all hang out and get sloshed and just stumble home, no driving. Yay! Our street is an enabler.

Here are some of the promised pictures (In an effort to save the identity of my neighbors, I have black barred these pix)…

I made this ghost costume myself. I think it looks really good! However, the Hub said I looked a little like a nun. And then, when I walked into the party, someone said “The Grim Reaper!”. Yes, the white clad Grim Reaper that we all know and love. Whatev. Sabrina is Buffy the Vamp slayer. Nice stake, there, Sabby.


This is Sabs killing a vampire. In my living room.


Sister Kristin went as a Sexy Vamp. She totally had Kelly Osbourne hair.



Please note the pointy jugs…


Jess made a little coffin for Max. He would climb in and sleep, then occasionally crawl out and hiss at people. He was in character all night.


Do you watch Dog the Bounty hunter? This is his girlfriend. Wife? Those are not real, by the way.


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