Random Thoughts 2

Did I stumble into some bad lighting?

Last night Hubby and I watched Eragon. I read the book last year, and was interested to see how they translated it to the screen. Yeah – no. They shouldn’t have bothered. I mean, it was obvious that they spent money on the special effects, and yes, they did have Jeremy Irons.  (I want to be reincarnated with his voice. Anything he says is inherently either very, very important or sexy. Or both.) But, the acting was atrocious and the dialog was stilted and childish and Oh. My. God. They ripped the locations directly from LOTR. Even Hub, who doesn’t give a fig about fantasy, noticed and commented. That being said, thank god that the guy who played Eragon was 20 years old, ’cause I was feeling dirty.

 I have two lights on my desk that I bought at IKEA. I love them. Work just isn’t worth doing unless you and it are attractively lit, no? See the pretty lights…


A couple of days ago I bid and bought a RECORD on ebay. It is a record that features Sandi Patty (naturally), and that I did not have and needed to own, but, nonetheless… a RECORD. I do not own a record player. I’m thinking non-collectors just don’t understand that this is a sickness.  It is a sickness, right? I’m thinking that somehow I will finagle a record player somewhere, and I will have a copy of the three songs that she sings from this record from 1984.

I revel in my nerdiness.


Buy the round lamp

Buy the green lamp

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One Response to Random Thoughts 2

  1. Rosie says:

    I’m one of Sandi’s fans from the old message boards. I just started a real basic site today where you can sign a guestbook if you want to make a comment regarding Sandi’s concerts, etc. My first post was to remind everyone about the Readers Choice Awards. There is only two days left to vote. My web site is http://rowz.faithweb.com. Don’t expect much. It’s a free site, so it’s kinda lame, but at least we can communicate!

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