La Boheme

This is the song from Moonstruck, right?  

Yesterday the Hub and I drove down to Boston to see La Boheme at the Shubert Theater. Hubby loves him some opera. Truth be told, he’s a very very good opera singer. You should ask him to sing for you sometime. You would be floored with the goodness.

We took in a matinee, in order to minimize the lateness of the drive down and home, so as not to get home at midnight. Since we decided to get the tickets relatively recently, we had to sit in the balcony. And by balcony, I mean a little teensy tiny 8 inch shelf that I perched my very tall frame upon. I was basically sitting on the shoulders of the fragile Asian lady in the seat in front of me, due to the steepness of the balcony and the width (not very) of the rows. All that said, once my knees went numb I could ignore it all and concentrate on the show.

La Boheme was La Beautiful. The acting was great, the singing was great, and the sets were great. If you get a chance to go see this, do so. I was a little afraid, ’cause it is opera and all, and you know. Boring. But it wasn’t! Quite the opposite. 

You know how I have written about my love for Moonstruck? And my appreciation for the musical RENT? Well, it turns out that both of these owe an enormous debt to La Boheme. Who knew? (Answer: Hubby. The Hub knew, and looked at me with mild reproach when I said that La Boheme was just like Rent. I quickly amended my statement in the reverse.)

After the show we walked back to the parking garage where we had lodged my car on the next to the top level. It was dark. At the top, I was taken by the view. I want you to do something for me. Close your eyes and picture this. OK, wait. Read this, then close and imagine. Imagine you are sitting in your top floor apartment with all the lights turned off. You are sitting in a very chic but extremely comfortable sofa, looking out a window that takes up one whole wall. You live in Boston. It is 10:00pm on a Sunday night. In front of you are all the lights of the buildings and cars and signs. Above them are the stars shining through the cloudless night, blending in with the twinkle below. It’s just starting to get cold out, and you slip your hand into the waiting hand of your partner.

I want to live that.

Anyway! La Boheme = good times. Go tonight.

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One Response to La Boheme

  1. Tara says:

    Hey Chris! Love your blog!! Thanks for sharing! It’s been fun getting to know you all over again!!

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