Kowloon Restaurant

Place: Kowloon Restaurant
Time: November 4th, 2007. Sunday night, 7pm.
With: The Hub
Where: Saugus, Ma (on Rt. 1 leaving Boston heading North)

Hubby and I got to Boston a little bit early for the show on Sunday, so we had time to run around a see what restaurant we could eat at post-Boheme. We finally settled on PF Changs. After the show was done, we bolted out of the theater and ran to Changs, only to be greeted with about 20 people outside the restaurant. We then tried several other local places, but all of them had long waits. We opted to start home, and eat on the way.

After leaving Boston and heading North, you travel along Rt. 1 for a few miles. There are several places to eat there… but I noticed a place that I had passed several times through the years, and never stopped at… Kowloon’s Restaurant. The Hub agreed to stop. We pulled into a parking lot that is as large as one for a Disney theme park. Little did we know that it was a clue to our foodery choice… We basically ate at EPCOT Polynesian village.

And it ROCKED.


When I was a kid and my Grampy was alive, a couple times a year he would load up all the cousins in his huge car and we would “go to Chinese”. Usually, this meant a trip to the Hu Kee Lau. The ‘Lau was completely painted black inside. You entered by walking through a volcano, and passed a waterfall filled with fishees. There were little Asian vignettes all over the place. It was just like a dark ride. Need less to say, we loved it.

Kowloon is just like that.

Hub and I ordered the Crab Rangoon, Chicken Fried Rice, and General Gau’s Chicken. Yes, we went the healthy route. There must be a regional recipe sharing thing, ’cause this tasted just like the Chinese that I lived on in college. My girlfriend Ella and I would go there in the middle of the night, and have the best Crab Rangoon and General Gau’s Chicken. Mmm.

The food was great. The rangoon was cheesy and freshly fried. Hub stated that he didn’t think that cream cheese and fake crab was too terribly traditional, but whatev. The fried rice was also just made. It tasted a little like it had been made on a hibachi table. General Gau has also never tasted better – not too bready. Kinda sweet and sour-y, with a touch of ginger. Nummer.

Our waiter was an older man, who spoke little English. Or, perhaps he was just a quiet guy. Either way, he got the job done. Although, we were sitting beneath a flickering light the whole time, and none of our repeated eye-pleadings garnered a result. I mean, it wasn’t so bad that we had to change our seat, but maybe someone should see to the faulty wiring, no? Especially with all the water features splashing around the place? No?

Bottom line: Go to Kowloon. It’s an experience. Plus, Jennifer Holiday and Kathy Griffin love it!

Kowloon Restaurant

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2 Responses to Kowloon Restaurant

  1. Hubby says:

    That place just went up a few pegs on my list knowing Kathy G ate there!

  2. Brenda M says:

    I’ve always wanted to stop there and never have…love Chinese, even though I know it’s soooo bad for me.

    I’m also quite jealous of your Halloween party…wish we had a good one to visit(especially within walking distance)!

    We really really really have to get together sometime. I so miss hanging out! Plus, I still haven’t met you Hubby 😦 Smoochies 😡 B

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