Chris2fer’s Favorite Things 2

The second in our ongoing list of the best things, according to your host…

When I was younger I would be dropped off at my Nannie’s when I was too sick to go to school. Mom was a teacher then, and she couldn’t just not go in when I was ill, you see. I didn’t mind, ’cause it was awesome at Nannie’s! She allowed us to eat bad cereal. In our house, anything that had a smidgeon of sugar in it was considered a sin, so when I got to have Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops I was in diabetic heaven. In the afternoons, when I was coming down from my sugar shakes, Nannie would sit in the living room with me and we would watch her favorite show: Bewitched.


I loved Bewitched. I wanted Elizabeth Montgomery to be my mom. I wanted (the first) Darren to be my Dad. And, I wanted to be able to sit on top of lamps like Endora always used to do when she would pop into Darren’s office. I tried that once. It hurts to sit on a lamp, I don’t care what kind of kink you are into. I actually shed a tear when Elizabeth Montgomery died. Seriously.

Q: How awesome is this picture?

A: Very. Very awesome.

I.M.P.A.C.T. Team

When I was in High School, I was a part of the IMPACT team in our church district. It was a group of about 15 kids from around Maine that would gather once per month to practice, and then travel to smaller churches and sing concerts of cheesy 80’s Christian pop music. IMPACT stands for Immediate Personal Action for Christ Today. We were supposed to go door to door and preach about Jesus, but we just wanted to hang out and sing and practice petty teenage politics. And wear terrible 80’s church clothes.

We had a terrific time getting together. I miss all of my friends – Galla, Tracy, Tara, Jen, Doug, Brenda and all the rest. Brenda was one of my first girlfriends, actually. Hi Bren! We kissed at Teen Camp one year. Good times.

Boldt Castle



The pool is located in the basement, in this round jut-out below…



One summer when I was in college I was traveling with a PR team, and we had a Saturday off. We went to Boldt castle, in NY. It’s actually right on the border between Canada and NY. This is the story: Long ago this man bought a little island, and started building a huge fairytale castle for his wife. It took many years to build. Before the castle was finished, his wife tragically passed away. He stopped all construction on the castle and it lay abandoned for many years. But now, it is a tourist attraction! Yay commercialism!

The castle itself is huge. It has a pool in the basement. It has a grand staircase. It has a library. Ella and I were dating at the time, I think, and we walked around and just wanted to live there. Ah, youth. 

Villa Marre


This is the house that was the facade for Sugarbaker’s Designs. You know, from Designing Women. Which the Hub loves. Like crack he loves it. Anyway – I want to live here, too. Except that it’s in Arkansas, and no.

If I can find a picture of the IMPACT team I’ll scan and post it. Stay tuned!

Boldt Castle

A Site about Sugarbaker’s

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One Response to Chris2fer’s Favorite Things 2

  1. Brenda M says:

    OMG, you dare to mention that brief encounter…followed closely by the heart-breaking over-the-phone break up, lol :D(just kidding)!

    Oh the impact days…I definitely have some pictures from those days packed away, I’ll have to email you some.

    I also loved Bewitched although I’m not sure we were “allowed” to watch it much, so I sneaked(muahahahaha). Also couldn’t watch Duke of Hazzard much because of Daisy Duke’s attire. Haha, those were the days 😛

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