Random Thoughts 3

Mr. Spock, I presume? Nice headband. 

I stumbled across a new type of elective surgery a little while back, and it intrigued me. If this had been around when I was in high school and dressing in all black and writing self indulgent poetry and sitting in my darkened room whining about the fact that NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME and that MY PAIN IS UNIQUE, and I had the money for it, I would have had this done. Then, I could be like all the other “unique” misunderstood kids. But with freaky elf ears…

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How cool-slash-nerdish is that? I mean, ok – if you plan on being a professional Cosplayer all of your life. (Cosplay. You know? OK – go do a Google Image Search for Cosplay. It’s an education.) But what happens when you get a real job? I mean, I’m bald. I’d have to wear a sweatband around my head every day. I would have a new nick name: Sweatband-head Chris2fer. Chri2fer the Sweaty. Olivia Newton Chris2fer. That’s not cool. …Except that last one.


Blake Lewis’s album art was released today. It looks exactly like I would expect it to. I also heard a leaked song of his, called “Break Another”. (If you search the internets, I’m sure you can find it.) It kinda rocks. Yay, Blake! I long for your sexually ambiguous beat boxing filled record to “drop”. Word.


This is my current favorite out of print Christmas card from the sixties (Random!). It’s by a former Disney artist named “Ralph Hulett”. Click below to go to his son’s site. I’ll post more old cards as the magical miracle of Christmas day approaches.

Animation guild blog – Ralph Hulett

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