Business in the front, party in the back

Oh, the humanity… 

As I promised that I would, I looked for and found a picture of me in the IMPACT team. It’s only a newspaper clipping, so it’s not that great…

Please note that the red arrow denotes me. Please also note that the “shadow” behind my neck is, in fact, a curly mullet. That I fluffed out so you could see it, just like my hair-idol of the time, Robbie. And yes, the girls were wearing doilies. We had to look good while ‘singing for the Lord’.

I found several other pictures of me that I wanted to share, for the general merriment of all. Shall I? I shall.

This was my first time in a show. I was recorder boy # 5. I think that the “makeup technician” went a little heavy with the blush… 

This is a photo of one of my earlier birthdays. There are two awesome things about this picture: 1. The album I am holding is the Muppet Movie Soundtrack, and 2. My cousin Missy is interested, but too cool for school. Hi Missy! Love you!

Oh, what a happy kid am I in this blue number, posing with Chip. Or Dale. I apparently thought that my lower legs would get cold in the frosty California air.

Nice suspenders.

Look at the hair on the girls in this! This was my teen choir, before we set out on a summer tour. I am dressed in the outfit from above. Sigh.

At the time this next one was taken, I had never seen an episode of Miami Vice, but I like to think that I embodied it, with the white pants and overshirt, the teal undershirt, and the BLACK SHOES. I’m assuming this was tres fashionable at the time. And, hello, Sister Kristin! Nice Laura Ashley dress!

Last but not least, there is this Christmas morning photo… Sister Kristin is not too pleased with her purse. But it looks like someone else may be! I love the socks pulled over the pajama bottoms.

If I find more of this awesomeness, I’ll definitely share!

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3 Responses to Business in the front, party in the back

  1. luvflamingos says:

    LOVE the photos….you Rocked the Mullet! And the joy over Kristin’s purse is priceless….unless your socks were too tight….and you were actually screaming?

  2. mainemom32 says:

    Hmmm, we had a couch very much like the one in your Christmas background…love it!

    I soooo remember that IMPACT pic. Oh man, boy those were the days. Not only do I remember the “doilies” I also remember the red and black scarves that we all tried to find creative ways to wear….so, so sad.

  3. missy says:

    hahaha! These are priceless! I was too cool for school, thx for noticing and I LOVE YOU TOO! 🙂

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