Mr. Chris2fer goes to Washington (…not really)

This used to be my playground (used to be…) 

There is an “institution” that is located relatively near casa Chris2fer, and they are trying to remove a treasured landmark from my backyard and fill it in with a PARKING LOT. Apparently no one on campus ever listens to Joni Mitchell, or they would know that someday we’re going to have to pay a dollar and a half to go to a museum to see trees.

Don’t it always seem to go, that we don’t know what we’ve got till its gone? They paved paradise, and put in a…


Last night several of my neighbors and I went to the City Hall for a planning meeting for this parking lot, to air our grievances. The meeting was on the second floor, in a small crowded room that had the heat set to insta-moist. Thanks, small, brittle woman who controlled the thermostat.

We waited through two and a half hours of other issues, and then each of us were able to participate. We stood up individually, gave our names, and complained that said institution was stealing our view, our property value, and our backyard. It was noted that the area had been there for years, and that it was used by children, to run and play, and be innocent and free. I could almost hear the “Born Free” theme music playing as we spoke.

Who knew it would feel so great to be involved? I feel so Civic.

On another note, Grady woke the Hub and I up at 3:00am  this morning to hurk up on the comforter. Then, I couldn’t get back to sleep. Thanks, Gradster. I’m pretty sure that my boss thinks I moonlight as an exotic dancer, or something, because of the dark luggage under my eyes. …And my exotic dancer’s body. Easy mistake, I guess.

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One Response to Mr. Chris2fer goes to Washington (…not really)

  1. DS2 says:

    Madonna was a perfect choice for a sub-title. =)

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