Food stays INSIDE your tummy!

Talkin’ to myself and feelin’ low… 

Last night I got home at about 7:30. Grady ran up to say “Hi” to me. Except he didn’t exactly run. He hobbled and hopped and limped. Apparently he had pulled a muscle in his front leg with his exuberance to say hello. The Hub said that he’s got “a hitch in his get-a-long”. The Hub makes me chuckle. Then, Grady had to deal with his two daddies feeling his leg for ticks and muscle pulls and nail problems for over 45 minutes. You know, ’cause he loves to be touched. That’ll teach him to be a drama queen.

Remember yesterday morning Grady woke us up by hurking on the comforter at 3:00am? Well. This morning it was at 2:30. And again at 3:00. Poor little guy. And here’s the rub: We recently went through our closets and gave ALL of our extra blankets to the animal shelter (shelters frequently need blankets for the dogs and cats to sleep on). Since every blanket we own is now “dirty”, we didn’t really go back to sleep. Hubby went down to the couch, and I curled up under a couple kleenex on the bed. So warm and comforting.  

I hope this doesn’t mean that Grady is bulimic. Maybe I should watch “The Karen Carpenter Story” with him, to show the realities of eating disorders.

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