Friday night at the Vet

It was worth it, just for the nails… 

I got home from work on Friday to 3 more Grady puke stains on the carpet, one in the exact middle of the living room rug. I mean, he had to use a straight edge and assessor’s tools to get it so exactly in the center of the room. The Hub called when I was in the middle of scrubbing the carpet (note to self: next time, buy vomit colored carpet) and I barely kept myself from weeping. Sensing this, he called the vet and came home to get us for an emergency visit.

We got to the Vet around 4. Hubby and I waited in the examination room for 2 hours while Grady was shot and x-rayed and blood tested. Oh! And at one point I heard one of the vet techs through the door complaining about how long his nails were… I yelled out “CLIP THEM!”. Apparently they did not read this blog, as the next twenty minutes were filled with the sounds of humans grunting and Grady whining and clippety clipping and gasps of “Oh my god, the blood, the blood, make it stop”. Then one of the techs staggered into the room to get some Styptic. She was COVERED in Grady hair (he doesn’t shed unless he’s upset. He’s a cat) and she was sweating and her hair was disheveled and it looked like she needed a stiff drink. She glared at us and I did my best to look like a responsible parent. All that, and it turns out that he was fine. $270 of tests to find out that his system can’t handle cheese, so don’t feed it to him. Sigh.

I am on such a hair trigger now that when he sighs too loudly I wake from a dead sleep to keep him from puking on the bed. I feel like a Vietnam Vet coming home from 2 years on the front line.

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