I am the Top Chef

Ugh. My stomach… 

Well, Thanksgiving was as advertised – a wondrous celebration of meats and cheeses. We had such a good time! My parents don’t know about this blog (’cause I don’t want to spend the time explaining what a blog is, and how to get on it, and how often to check it, and how to turn their “computer” on, and how to connect to the internets, etc) so they were a little freaked out that I was taking pictures of all the food. But I needed to document for you all how my projects turned out…

First – the pecan pie. It came out perfectly, if I say so myself. The Hub never even suspected that it was a low-sugar relatively-good-for-you pie. Surprise, Hubby! Gaze at the gloriousness…

And here are the Parmesan Popovers. They also came out flawlessly. You know Cheezits? Well, these tasted like soft warm Cheezits. Mmmmm.

And I know you are wondering what the heck the popovers are in. Did I wrap them in a quilt? Are they nestled in a throw pillow? No! They are lodged in a chicken.

See? We got this from my Aunt Carole near 25 years ago. You just lift up the wing and reach into the body cavity to get a toasty warm bread product. It’s useful and macabre! It always reminds me of that time when Han had to cut open the Ton-Ton to shove Luke into it’s dead body cavity to keep him warm. Only with less gooey insides and less of the stinky.

This is the cranberry foodstuffs holder that we use. Couldn’t you just die? We are a Norman Rockwell painting come to glorious life. After dinner we went outside and tossed a football around and went to the malt shop and kissed in Times Square and other Rockwellian things.

This is the famous Squash Casserole. It was perfect. Sister Kristin ended up making it for us. Thanks, SK!

And finally, here is my favorite picture from Thanksgiving 2007. After the food was ate, and the table was cleared, my Nannie sat down with the TWENTY FIVE POUND turkey that my insane mother brined and picked every morsel off the bones with her little arthritic fingers. And she did it with a huge happy smile.

That is what I am thankful for. Happy family, happy friends, and a happy life.

And yes, good food.

Flicker slideshow of our Thanksgiving food

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4 Responses to I am the Top Chef

  1. Sabrina says:

    I love it! How wonderful. Nannie looks so cute!

    Can I have your popover recipe? What are the little pilgrim shaped choclates at the end? Did your mother make those??

  2. luvflamingos says:

    Your Nannie is so cute! And so happy pickin her chicken! Yes, we do all need your popover recipe…..and the website for where to buy a fabric chicken to put them in!!!

  3. mainemom32 says:

    Mmm your pie looks great…low sugar? Do tell… This year I made chocolate-espresso pecan pie(included khalua, did I spell that correctly, oh darn it). TJ loved 😛

  4. erin says:

    That chicken is awesome! I have never seen anything like that in my life. Very random. I am glad to see you had a gluttonies Thanksgiving.

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