Project Runway – Episode 2, Season 4


So, last week was so busy with the eating that I just realized that I had not covered the ProRun (JectWay?) from Wednesday. Woops!

Let’s see… Think think think. I can barely remember what I had for breakfast today, much less a TV show from last week…

OMG! The spitting! Elisa spit on her fabric to mark it, and Sweet P reacted (as any sane person would) with revulsion and a little bit of disgusted interest. You know, when you can’t look away from an accident? Like that. Elisa said something along the lines of: Oh, of course! I spit on it not only to mark it, but also to imbue the fabric with my own ENERGY. OK, freaky-deaky-do. Keep your spittle to yourself.

In spite of all this, Sweet P worked her Twiggy looking ass off, and the garment worked. See?


As an aside – what the heck is wrong with this model’s legs? It seems that they attach directly to her boobs. And why is she about to cry?

Christian-of-the-weird-hair made a bad eighties montage in fabric, and then tried to explain that it was cutting edge. Riiiight. Shuddup. Can you even remember the eighties? Didn’t Eddie Murphy wear that jacket in The Golden Child?


Hello, Mr Model. Nice jawbone.

And, alas, Marion of the Dickens story was booted for this monstrosity:


‘ello, guvnah! I tooks me rug and made it a dressin gown. Spot on! Pip pip! Tea and crumpets!

And last but probably the opposite of least, Sarah Jessica Parker was the guest on this show. Yay! I loves me some SJP. Did you hear that Maxim voted her the worlds least sexy woman? That’s wicked mean. I mean – just look at this hotness…


Hee! Seriously, she rocks, and I love her. And so does Jack…


Careful, Queeny McBoo. Your eyes are gonna pop out. Look at how amused Chris is by Jack. He’s all “Girl! You need to calm the hell down!”

So, Bye Marion! Go get some vitamin D.

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