Taking Chances

This is a long one, so buckle up buttercup! 

As a gay man, I am either required to loath or love Celine Dion. It’s in our by-laws, I think. I’ll have to check the handbook. And I do love her. I mean, come on. She’s cheesy as Siegfried and Roy, and about as gay. She could be a drag queen. Look at the way she’s standing, and at her hair…


And pose, Pose, POSE! That is Fierce! Yes! More Hair! Good!

She recently released the above album, and I wanted to touch on each song individually, to let all of you who did not camp out to buy it what it was all about.

1. Taking Chances.

This is title track. It starts out subdued, with Celine’s voice very present – not too affected (or effected) and clear. This song was co-written by Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, and he uses “talk to me, like lovers do” as a lyric, which is from their hit “Here Comes the Rain Again”. It’s a nice touchstone to snag your ear. It works. There are fairly heavy guitars in the second half of this song, which is a departure for la Celine, but works ok.

2. Alone

This is a cover of the Heart Song. Yay, Heart! It’s not bad – Celine sings the heck out of it, but I still prefer Ann Wilson’s version. Also – Celine does away with the heavy strings during “till now, I always got by on my own”… I miss that. As the Hub stated, I don’t know how she could sing this in concert every night – too screamy. Plus, more heavy guitar.

3. Eyes On Me

It starts like a Bollywood musical, with a synthesized sitar beat. It reminds me of Shania Twain, actually. Celine is pleading with someone to keep their eyes on her, all the time, even when they are apart. It’s a little stalkery, really. Her voice really works on this song. I can hear a great remix in there.

4. My Love

Celine is asking the one that she loves to please help her get through the pain. The pain of hitting herself in the chest too much during her concerts! No, I kid. I can’t decide how I feel about this song – it’s very boring, but then near the end she goes off and it rocks. Bi-polar.

5. Shadows of Love

This song should be on the soundtrack of a John Hughes 80’s teenage Molly Ringwald-is misunderstood-and-then-inexplicably-gets-the-hottest-guy-ever movie. I love it, needless to say.

6. Surprise Surprise

Celine is telling her man that she lied to him, but it was because she is protecting herself and her scars, and that her “river runs wide, but you’re not inside”. Um – Ew? I didn’t need to know about your river, Celine. And that he’s not inside it. Ew squared.  Pretty song, though.

7. This Time

The song starts very Christina Aguilera-ish. All bah bah bah, bing bing bing with her voice. It’s a breakup song. “This time is the last time, and I’ve had enough”. It works. Celine sings it hard and fast, to show how she is so broken and shattered and blah. It’s good.

8. New Dawn

This is a Christian Jesus loves me kinda song, mixed with a Southern spiritual Hymn. What can I say? Celine sounds good, as usual. I mean, girl can sing. Jeeesuuuus…

9.  A Song For You

Not the Carpenter’s version, so I was disappointed.

10. A World to Believe In

This is a love power ballad. Classic Celine. Yay!

Oh My god – there are 17 songs on this album… Yikers… Remember when there were 8 songs to a tape, 4 to a side? Ah, the 80’s. Moving on.

11. Can’t Fight the Feeling

Rock Celine. Icky. She is trying to be all hard and butch, but it’s kinda sad and pathetic. No.

12. I Got Nothin’ Left

It’s strange to have this song follow the previous, as her voice is almost ethereal in this one. It’s sweet and mournful. She’s got nothin’ left, y’all.

13. Right Next to the Right One

I think this is a love song to another girl…”I could hide a million years and try to believe that anytime the girl in mind would come and rescue me”. No? Am I missing some subtext? Celine channels Rufus Wainwright with her gravely vocals.

14. Fade Away

I love this song. It makes me chair dance. It’s all about getting over a bad relationship and being happy again.

15. That’s Just the Woman In Me

Nice. She (rightly) sings this a little rough. It’s kind of a Melinda Doolittle Aretha Franklin number. Excellent.

16. Skies of L.A.

This is Celine’s cry for help because her intense fame and amazing riches are blinding her to real life. Boo hoo, Celine. Trade with ya?

17. Map to My Heart

Another power ballad. Heavy guitars in the middle. Standard Celine. Which means, naturally, that I like it.

I miss having Celine backed by a huge orchestra and tons of strings. Her voice has never sounded better, though. I can see myself listening to this album far more than “One Heart”. I like.

And, to close – here’s a fun pic!


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