Project Runway Episode 3, Season 4

Take off your clothes. Now.

This week the designers had to design an outfit for Tiki Barber – a hot ex-football guy who works for the Today show. Although I have never seen him on the Today show. Maybe he just works during the week? Who knows. It doesn’t matter: he’s hot.

Of course, the designers are all weepy and stressy about the challenge, because it’s men’s clothes. The Hub even got caught up in it, and wanted to start a letter writing campaign ’cause it was not fair to these poor women’s-wear designers. I don’t agree, though. It’s a CHALLENGE. It’s supposed to be hard. And if you can make a collar for a women’s shirt, you can make one for a men’s shirt. I’m just sayin’.

These were the most hideous ones…


The first one is Sweet P’s try… Nice collar, SP. I’m assuming she thinks that men don’t unbutton their shirts, but that they get into them from the top down? Nice pants, though.

The second was designed by Ricky. It looks like a pair of old pajamas that are coming apart due to age. And I’m pretty sure that the model is holding the jacket together in this pic. No.

The third (by Mr. Carmen) wasn’t only poorly made, it didn’t have a shirt. Which I guess is a look, but would be chilly, I think. Plus, the crotch seam is a foot long. Wishful thinking?

This was the winner:


By Jack. It has a nice detail with the biased front edge and shirt pocket, but I do think it is a little boring. Also, Ms Model needs to eat a Twinky. Sheesh. Nice sunken cheeks, Pouty.

As a nice change, this episode the models were all men. Skinny, “hot” men. The (gay) male designers were all a-twitter. It took all of seven seconds for most of the designers to order their models to strip. Oh, and I’ll need to get your inseam measurement. Oops! I didn’t write it down. I’ll need that measurement again. Butterfingers!

All except Elisa. Oh, Lizzy. She wouldn’t even look at her model when he tried on her clothes, for fear of seeing his body. She was afraid to experience desire. She also wouldn’t touch him to finish her garment. Once, her eyes caught a glimpse of his taut belly, and she turned around so fast you woulda thought she caught site of Brit-Brit’s coo.

Jack told America about his seventeen year fight with AIDS. It was a touching moment in an otherwise stressed out episode. I can’t image what it would be like to fight a disease for so long. …Phew! Serious moment, there. 

And here are Jack’s pecks, just because. Yowza.


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