Hot Suppa

Place: Hot Suppa

Time: Saturday, 9:00am

With: Sabrina

Where: 703 Congress Street, Portland, Maine


Sabrina and I went to breaky on Saturday morning, to fuel up for a visit to Target. During December. On a Saturday. Because we are stupid. We went to Hot Suppa, one of Sab’s most favoritest places. Did it deliver? Why yes, it did.

When Sabby was a wee bairn, she baby-sat two brothers, Alec and Moses. They were a handful, but Sabrina can be a hard ass, so they all got along just fine. Then, with just a sprinkle of Time Dust (what?) the two boys grew up, got cute, and opened a restaurant in downtown Portland. Called, coincidently enough, Hot Suppa.

The place is not too big, and not too small. As Goldilocks would say (if she were not imaginary or if I were just a little bit crazier), it is just right. It has a very high ceiling that is painted whimsically, and brick walls. There is a small bar to sit at if you are alone, and about 10 tables, most of them booths. The wait staff is pleasant and charming, and willing to chat with you. There was no sense of rush, although we got our food quickly. It just feels nice here.

I ordered the Corned Beef Hash. I don’t normally order hash, as I was once burned by some government supply canned hash in a horrible hash accident. However, Sabrina mentioned that she loved it, and I decided, like ABBA, to take a chance (on me). Lo and Behold, it was good. The beef was nicely crusted on one side from the grill – full of flavor but not too dry. It had diced carrots and potatoes and onions in it, nicely small and tender. Two eggs were exactly as I ordered – over medium. I like to order over medium because it is hard to get it right – but they did. They passed my insidious test. Bwa-ha-ha! I also had toast with jelly. More on this later.

Sabrina had the quiche of the day – with andouille sausage and muenster cheese in it. It was served with arugula salad. Sabs said that the combo of the salad and the quiche was perfect, which I admit I wondered about. The quiche was firm and moist (ew), but not too wet. She also ordered (and shared) the FEATURED BACON. I believe that every restaurant should have a featured bacon. It should be a law. This was maple and cayenne pepper – It was sweet and hot and filled with multiple tastes and was an explosion of flavor on my happy tongue.

The last time I was here I had an english muffin, and decided to go crazy and spread the Knott’s Berry Farm Apple Cinnamon jelly on it. Oh. My. God. This has changed my breakfast habits forever. This is the most amazing food stuff – like spreading apple pie on toast. Since then (a couple of months) I have been on the lookout for the jelly at my local shopping centers. And although the grocery stocks Knott’s jelly, they do not stock the apple-y cinnamon goodness that I crave.

So, Sunday night I bought a jar of store brand apple jelly (no cinnamon) and boiled it down and added my own cinnamon and ripped the crappy label off the jar and poured it back in. And it is AWESOME. And I am awesome. I feel like I should have my own food channel show. Except I used something that I bought from the store, so I would be Sandra Lee, and I would rather be dead.

Hot Suppa is great. 9 out of 10 stars. Not expensive, imaginative menu, nice staff, little wait, great food. Go.

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One Response to Hot Suppa

  1. Mr Greene says:

    You can find me eating whatever Eggs Benidict they are serving up. They’re Great

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