Victoria Mansion

Proof of my deviousness 

On Saturday Hubby and Sabrina and Mary and Rob and I went to the Victoria Mansion in downtown Portland to view their Christmas decorations. Victoria Mansion is a beautiful old home once owned as a summer house for the Morse family. I found a cheerful picture of the family:


Don’t they look pleasant? I want to hug them all.

I took several pictures of the outside of the house. Here is one with a teensy Sabrina in front of it!

The inside is very nicely decorated (except for the “green bedroom”, which was obviously decorated by a toddler who had been sipping from Mommy’s liquor cabinet.) There were garlands and lights and toys and fake Santas everywhere! I took tons of pictures.

Oh, wait. No I didn’t. They do not allow you to take photos inside, with or without a flash. For the twelve dollars I paid to get in, I should be able to take a nap in the antique bed. And they post little old ladies in all the rooms to “teach you about the house”, but in secret they are really there to tackle you when you whip out your camera. It’s true. I saw it happen to a little girl.

There were two rooms that I could get out of site of the wardens, and I made the group surround me like a football huddle while I took a few hurried pictures.

Bask in the dark, out of focus pictures taken on the sly!

I win, Victoria Mansion! I win.

Victoria Mansion

Slideshow of all of the Victoria pictures

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3 Responses to Victoria Mansion

  1. luvflamingos says:

    Keep one eye open when you sleep Christopher….the Victoria House Ninja’s are going to be coming for you!!!!!!

  2. Tony says:

    I was there Friday night! The place is amazing.

  3. geya says:

    Hmm some guy named Fagin was here asking about you and where you live.

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