Project Runway Episode 5, Season 4

God bless us, everyone! 

This week we had to say goodbye to Jack, as he got a Staff infection in his face. I can say this now that I know he is doing well and is healed: Ew. He looked like a resident of Whoville. Jacky Loo Who.

Since Jack had to leave, and since the producers wanted to “keep the level of competition high” (fill out all the episodes), they brought back Chris. Yay! I love the teddybear-ness of Chris.

The contestants had to redesign 12 former “heavy” girl’s favorite outfits into new, skinnier, trendier outfits. Christian succeeded, and won (rightfully so) with this number:


Chris did not succeed, and it was shocking to me that he did not go home with this Shirley Temple slash 1950’s streetwalker number. Seriously – a sash?


 But, Chris was tired – he worked all night on that crap. I’m surprised he could sleep through all of Heidi’s yelling. But sleep he did!


Our favorite little Dickensian orphan Stephen went home. He had a wedding dress to work with – it seems like it’d be a sure thing, no? Hike it up over the knee, cinch it tight at the waist, Voila! Chic! In the words of Sabrina, Yeah, no. He chucked out all the white fabric and made a funeral gown. For a Nun. Circa 1990.


Stephen was sent home, and he uploaded himself outta there, just like Tron. See?



As a final thought – I loved how Rafi tried to turn straighty Kevin to the Gay side, in a subtle couch moment.


Hey! Watch the hand, straighty.

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