Christmas Cardapalooza

Tis the Season… 

Although I don’t send Christmas cards, I love the artistry and the thought of them. I would like to create my own Christmas cards one day, and send them to all my friends and family. If only I weren’t such a lazy bum.  

This is a card by Eyvind Earle. He did the background art for Sleeping Beauty. You can definitely tell. This inspires me.

Eyvind Earle’s site

I love this card by Wendy Powell Jones:

Buy it here

Look at the simplicity of this card. I miss the 50’s. Well, I miss the thought of living in the 50’s at Christmas time that I have gleaned from movies, ’cause I am a wee bairn and wasn’t even a glint in the proverbial eye then.

 And, of course, the best one…


Purchase away!

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One Response to Christmas Cardapalooza

  1. geya says:

    so the card that has an early 20th century car in it reminds you of the 50’s? I was there…it wasn’t all that great – especially for women.

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