BiBo’s Madd Apple Cafe

Place: BiBo’s Madd Apple Cafe
Time: Saturday December 22, 6pm
With: The Hubby
Where: Forest Ave, Portland, Maine

For Christmas this year, the Hub and I went to see A Christmas Carol at the Portland Stage Company, and went to dinner next door prior to the show. Carol was just ok – it seemed like all that Scrooge needed was a big hug and a little peck on the cheek from some pretty young thing, and he would have been right as rain. I want my Scrooge to be mean as ol’ Scratch, himself (as Dickens actually writes in the text), not like Santa on a grump day. Eh.

We ate at BiBo’s Madd Apple Cafe for dinner. I’m not sure why the apple is mad, though. Or why it is MadD. Maybe Mothers Against Drunk Driving sponsor it? I think from now on I will call it the Angry Apple cafe. AAC.

It is a little restaurant, brightly decorated in Tuscan shades (oh, isn’t every restaurant, lately? Blech). It maybe seats 40, if everyone doesn’t mind getting cozy. If you’re lucky, get a table in the front, near the street. You get to watch the crazies march up and down Forest Ave all during your meal. Dinner theater!

Our waitress was nice, I guess. She didn’t really make an impression. She wasn’t very helpful, but we didn’t have many questions, either. We didn’t have to wait too long for anything, though. That was good. Eh? Moving on.

For apps, Hub ordered some spring rolls, and I got the Maine Crab and Lobster cakes, over a Tomato Ginger Coulis. They were surprisingly good – tons of crab and lobster meat. The coulis was reminiscent of tomato soup, but not in a bad way. It was a nice counterpoint to the seafood. Hub said the spring rolls were just ok. I tasted one – kinda bland.

I had a lovely glass of Eola Hills Pinot Noir. Hub had a glass of Jim Jim Shiraz. We are not normally wine drinkers, but thought that it would be nice to tip a glass with a good meal. The pinot was surprisingly light, with a fruity aftertaste (just like me!). The shiraz was dry, but went well with dinner. They have a great wine selection (I am told).

For dinner the Hub ordered Grilled Tenderloin Medallions and Shrimp, over cabernet potatoes with roasted onion beurre blanc and noodles. Em. He had beef and potatoes. It was serviceable, but nothing to write home about, even with all the oo la la special french labels. Meat and Potatoes.

I had the Pork Chops and Apple Sauce with Gorgonzola Polenta and Green Beans. Now, this was the winner. The “chops” were out of the loin, and were fork tender. The apple sauce was pan reduced apple cider, and it was thick and sticky. It tasted of the Fall. It made me want to wear a sweater and go to a football game. Ok, not the game part. Oh! Ice skating. That’s what it made me want to go to. Anyway. Yummer. The green beans were fresh tasting and snappy. The polenta was so good partnered with the pork and apple tastes. Wow. I would totally order this again.

We had enough time for dessert before the show, so I ordered a latte and the Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding Cake. Seriously? Yes. This was like dying and going to fatty heaven. It was a tall piece of banana bread, with chocolate all swirled through it, with a molten chocolate center. It was sexual. Hub ordered the Pumpkin Spice Fritters. They were 3 little pumpkin fried dough pieces, with chopped up apples and amaretto caramel sauce. Yes – Pumpkin fried dough. Totally worth plowing through the pedestrian meal to get to this dessert. Hubster said it redeemed AAC to him.

So, lets recap. I loved every bite of everything I had to eat. Hub thought it was just ok until we got to the dessert. So, pick wisely and you shall be rewarded!

I would recommend. 7 out of 10 stars, because of the ‘hit or miss’ food and the tuscan crap.

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