Project Runway, Season 4, Episode 6

I wasn’t even wearing a bra!

Well, things got a little more fun this season when Tim personally woke up all of the contestants at the crack of dawn to go to the Hershey’s store in Times Square. Kit was very upset that she answered the door in her jammies, ’cause she was not wearing a bra. Um, hon? Tim doesn’t care. At all. And neither do we, mosquito bites.

At the Hershey’s store, the players had 5 minutes to grab whatever they could to make an outfit out of. If I were there, I would be ripping down curtains and tearing the clothes off of the salesgirls. Lots of people found and pillaged the fabric items, but not Jillian. Jillian bought Twizzlers, and sewed them onto a dress. Nice try, sweetie. Although Michael Kors did squeal with delight when he saw it, so kudos, I guess.

Eliza filled us in on some background info about her life. Apparently she was in London several years ago, where she was launching a t-shirt line (?!), and she got hit by a car and cracked her skull open 3 inches and broke her neck and was in a coma. If all that happened to me I would be a little crazy, too. You keep spitting on fabric to mark it with your essence, girl. You’ve earned a little crazy.

Unfort, crazy lady designed an ugly dress, and went home. This looks stupid. Nice silver elbow puffs. Nice peek-a-boo pink boob ruffle. Nice asymmetrical hem. Nice angry superhero pose, model girl.


Rami won, with this little number. I like it very much. It has a strong structure, and I could see a model actually wearing this on a catwalk. I think Gwen Stefani would wear it, too. And she’d have two little half-sized numbers for her two little Japanese doll-girls, too.


Christian of the freaky hair made a very sweet halter dress, that he then covered in Reece’s peanut butter cup wrappers. I told Hub that I thought it looked nice, actually. He reminded me that each of the wrappers was probably oily and stinky. Mmm. Gotta love the oily smelly dress.


I think my favorite part of the episode, though, was when Tim was chatting with Sweet P about her fugly dress, and he told her that it looked like a maxipad. Yay, Tim! I love snark.

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One Response to Project Runway, Season 4, Episode 6

  1. Sabrina says:

    You didn’t like Jillian’s dress? Really? I’m surprised. I actually thought it was great. You need to evaluate your taste level.

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