Chris2fer’s Favorite Things 5

Just in time to keep you from thinking that maybe, just maybe I was shedding my dorkiness…

I love the Lord of the Rings movies. Although I tried and failed to make my way through all 4 of the books (include the Hobbit, of course) the movies were serious works of art that I try to watch once a year. I love them so much that I want to own just a little piece of them. Pieces…

The King Elessar Crown

 Gandalf the Grey Staff pen

I love the Harry Potter movies. What little kid doesn’t want to discover that he is magical, and can make the bullies pay for how they made him feel? Who doesn’t want to be involved in an epic adventure? And who doesn’t want to own a wand in real life? I’d be flinging this thing around all the time. I can hear the Hub’s disdainful sighs already…

Hermione’s Wand

Of course I want her wand. It’s prettier… And this one lights up!

The Marauder’s Map

You can find all this coolness here:

I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the series. Unfortunately, it only lasted 7 seasons. Or did it? I recently found season 8, in comic book form. It continues the story of our brave little band (minus Anya, who apparently wanted off the show). More importantly, it continues the story of Willow. She’s the best. She’s the Dark Phoenix of the Buffy-verse. You can find these at your local comic store.

Hello. I’m badass. Look at my bottom.

And, to round out this favorites list – a little (more) gayness! Have you ever heard of Rufus Wainwright? He’s kind of a dark sultry voiced gay alternative soul kinda singer. He writes most of his own songs, and they are poetic and dark and just right for when you need a little bring me down. But. He just released “Rufus Does Judy: At Carnegie Hall”. It is a complete recreation of the famous Judy Garland concert from 1961. It’s upbeat and Rufus is having fun. I have been listening to this for days. Buy it!

Buy it here

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3 Responses to Chris2fer’s Favorite Things 5

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Chris ~

    I, too am a huge Buffy fan, which is why I can’t let you dis Anya – she was killed in the epic series ending battle with the First Evil [Episode 22, “Chosen’].

    Missed the blog – – glad you and Hub are feeling better.

  2. mainemom32 says:

    Ahhh, the sadness of not awaiting another HP installment has hit me. I usually ship the kids off to mum and dad and kick TJ out of the house and just READ. But no more 😦

    Ummm, yes, by the way…you are slightly a nerd…but don’t nerds rule the Universe? 😉

  3. chris2fer says:

    Oh, Lisa Lisa Lisa. I know that Anya was killed in the finale. HOWEVER, I read somewhere that Emma Caufield was tired of the show and told Joss to kill her off in order to make sure that she couldnt come back if there were follow up movies, which were planned. But never picked up. Ah, well.

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