Pizza and ghosts. It was quite the night.

…scared the crap outta me! (Oh, so witty.)

Last night the Hub and I hung out with our friend Niffy, who we hadn’t seen since June. We just sat and chatted and had pizza. It was a nice evening, just what I needed.

We ordered pizza from Papa Johns. My favorite pizza is pepperoni (I know, how original). Papa Johns also includes little cups filled with “special garlic dipping sauce” with their pizza. I had to look that up, ’cause I wrote “garlic butter”, but wanted to verify that that is what they still call it. Nope. They took butter out of the equation completely. I’m pretty sure it’s just oil. Health food!

I had some pizza and polished off a little cup of this special garlic dipping sauce. So you know where I’m going? Do you? Yes – you do! I’m pretty sure I have discovered a new diet, as you can eat what you want because you then eliminate it seconds after. Due to the “sauce”. I’ll let you marinate on that for a while. You’re welcome.

I have a new favorite TV show. It’s called “Paranormal State”. It is about ghosts and hauntings and supernatural investigations. A group of college kids from Penn State get requests to come investigate hauntings and such, and then they go and document what is going on and try to help either the living or the dead. Or both, I guess.

Yesterday I watched an episode from Waterboro, Maine. It was about a little blue house that a woman named Sybil owned, and her labrador Lucy wouldn’t go to the upstairs of the house. The dog would freak if she was even near the stairs. Sybil was not living in the house at the time, because of the haunting. The team had a medium and a demonologist come over, and they both concurred that something gross had happened on the property. Come to find out that every dog who has lived there has died a violent death.

They eventually find and dig up a dog that had been used in a ritualistic murder. Apparently some old lady named Margaret who used to live there was killing dogs for some sadistic ritual. Nice.

Anyway, they bless the ground and re-bury the dog (no, not Lucy) and suddenly Lucy is comfortable going upstairs. Creepy!

Paranormal State Episode “Pet Cemetery”

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