You’ve got the cutest little baby face

Isn’t it time for a Grady Post? Yes, I think it is.

Everyone loves baby pictures, right? Well, everyone but me. I don’t get babies. I don’t get their allure. Which is why God made me gay. Well, that and the glitter.

However, I do enjoy a good puppy baby picture. Don’t you?

This is Grady on day 1. The breeder was showing us his “black points”: his nose, eyes, and paws. Now, look at the size of your thumb. Compare it to the picture, and the relative size of Grady. Ouch! The cute is so sharp it hurts.

Tell me you don’t want to nibble on that ham hock leg in the back. Just a little.

This is Grady’s Mom. She was giving him a hug. This picture was when we first met him, at 5 weeks.

The Hub falling in love. Look at Grady’s eyelashes!

First night at his new home, eight weeks old. Look how his little back legs don’t even reach past his tail. Argh! The cute!

He’s about 3 months old, here. You can tell that his ears grew faster than his head. For a while we were afraid that his dad was a rabbit.

His first winter he got cold really easily, so we most often would find him nesting in a blanket on the couch. Hello!

This is Grady’s first Christmas – he is about 7 months old here.

And here he is at about a year old. He likes to sit at the front windows and watch us leave for work. I imagine he sits there all day until we get back. Or, maybe he has all his friends over and has wild parties, I don’t know. The parents are always the last ones to know these things.

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