Truely, truely, truely outrageous.

Showtime, Synergy! 

This weekend Hubby and I went to see National Treasure II –  the Quest for More Money. It was a pretty good movie – a little long, but it was pretty and it moved quickly. It didn’t have the cheesy goodness of the original, but it was a nice low fat alternative. I will say that the “City of Gold” was very unimpressive – I could have made a better one out of gold legos. Plus, how many people lived in this city? 12? I would call that a village of gold. Or better yet a family dwelling of gold.

When Hub first met me I was working my way through two seasons of Jem and the Holograms. I knew he was The OneTM because he sat and watched night after night of cheesy 80’s cartoon girl rock stars, and didn’t once complain.

I love Jem. By day she is Jerrica Benton, high powered music executive. By night, she transforms into Jem, glamorous pop star with hot pink hair. Sister Kristin and I never once missed an episode.

Every episode had three original songs. This is one about Jerrica’s supercomputer, named Synergy. Synergy transformed Jerrica into Jem, by using holographic projectors hidden in Jerrica’s star shaped earrings.  I want a pair of those. It would save on time in the morning!

I’m fairly sure that watching Jem made me gay. Thanks, Jem!

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4 Responses to Truely, truely, truely outrageous.

  1. mainemom32 says:

    OMG how I loved Jem! 😀 This truly brought me back in time. I love my brother but seriously, I would have been psyched if he would have wanted to watch Jem instead of Transfomers, lol.

    I may have to rent that from Netflix now….let’s see if I can get Gabby interested in it(ahhh, the joys of re-living your childhood through your children, muahahahaha). xo B

  2. chris2fer says:

    Yes, we need to indoctrinate our young’uns to the awesomeness that was the eighties. Except Barbie and the Rockers, cause they were just copycat crap.

  3. Brenda M says:

    They were….but I still had that Barbie(and the cassette tape that went along with her) sad sad sad.

  4. Fortress Guy says:

    It was nice that he sat and watched them with you. Perhaps he even liked it! I do. Anyway, you make it sound quite romantic.

    I just finished my take on Jem with lots o’ pics if you are interested.

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