Ginger Pork and the perfect night

Recipe Liberties 
Yeah. That’s right.

15 Years ago (gross), when I was a sophomore in college I spent one weekend in April with my good friend Adie and her awesome sister Cheryl at Cheryl’s house. Cheryl (and her Hub Mike) have one of those houses that make you feel relaxed. You know the kind. Once you step in the door, you just feel happy and content. The memories I have are filled with sunlight and bagels and jazz music and one pretty wonderful baby. And Pork.

Cheryl made this amazing ginger pork roast that I still remember the flavor of. So, yesterday when the Hubby emailed me about dinner (the true eternal question: What’s for dinner?) and we decided that we should definitely eat that pork loin that’s been sitting in the fridge before it develops it’s own personality, I recalled the taste of that ginger pork and emailed Adie for the recipe. Which she very nicely sent along. And I very nicely altered.

The original recipe called for braising the pork, turning occasionally, for TWO HOURS, adding water as necessary to ensure that the pork was always exactly halfway covered in liquid. I had visions of the liquid level falling one millimeter below the halfway point of the loin and the pork being ruined, just ruined. Let’s get real, folks. This is a Wednesday night supper, not a Saturday night dinner. I changed it to a recipe that I could throw in the oven, and it turned out tres magnifique. Tres.

Jess and Matt came over, and we all congregated in the kitchen (as usual). Jess brought some amazing curry squash soup – nicely spicy and very flavorful. We had salad, which Jess prepared, and pork, which I prepared, and Matt cut the pork and washed dishes, and The Hub set the table and washed the remaining dishes. And Matt brought over Bach, Grady’s bestest friend, and we were all in my small kitchen and it was crowded but it was also pretty great. Then we watched Project Runway, and the night was perfect.

Adie and Chris’s Ginger Pork

1.5 – 2lb Boneless Pork Roast
1.5 tbsp Vegetable oil
1.5 cups Water
1/4 cup good soy sauce
2 – 3 large Leeks
1/3 cup Sake (Rice Wine) – doesn’t need to be expensive, can use cooking version
5-6 slices fresh peeled Ginger – don’t use powdered
1/2 tsp coarse Salt
1/2 tsp Pepper

1. Cut and wash the Leeks – rough chop

2. Peel and slice the Ginger (not as easy as it sounds – ginger is not evenly shaped)

3. Sprinkle Pork with salt and pepper, rub in

4. Brown Pork evenly on stovetop in oil over medium/high heat – remove and put in a casserole dish

5. Combine Water, Soy Sauce, Leeks, Sake and Ginger in a bowl. Pour over Pork.

6. Cover dish with tin foil.

7. Put into a 350 degree oven until the Pork registers 160 degrees on your handy-dandy meat thermometer. (About 45 minutes).

I made a sauce of the remaining liquid by mixing in some dissolved corn starch and bring it to a boil, but only 50% of the people at dinner last night liked it. I got the suggestion that an apple chutney would work well as a sauce, too. Duly noted.

So, thanks to Adie for her timely help, and thanks to Cheryl for the idea, and thanks to my laziness for the updated recipe. And thanks to Matt and Jess and Hub and Bach and Grady and Heidi and Tim Gunn for a great night.

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2 Responses to Ginger Pork and the perfect night

  1. Matt, Across the street, the one from Indiana, Who married Jess but not your next door neighbor Jess says:

    You left out the fun part about Bach trying to add stains to your living room carpet, Jess flipping out about not getting him to the backdoor fast enough and me retiring early 😦

    It was delicious and I love that soup (though not a big fan of squash).

  2. chris2fer says:

    And in a few weeks it will be like it didn’t even happen. That’s the good part about a bad memory. 🙂

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