Sunday, Sunday (la la, la la la la)

Hello, puppy! 

In an effort to fill you in on every little aspect of my incredibly exciting life, I took my camera with me last Sunday when The Hubby and I took our weekly excursion to my parent’s house for lunch.


When I was a kid my favorite thing to do with my Grampy was to hang out and go to the car wash. I loved the feeling of being enclosed in the drive through, like a little nest. I love the sound of the swoopy things that wash your car, too. I think it’s a Cancer thing. Sign, not disease.

I don’t know why this was hanging at the end of the tunnel. It looks a little like torture. What did Spongebob do to deserve being drawn and quartered tripled?

This is the exit of the new Starbucks near our house. They put up this sign, I’m sure to appease some city rule or something. Everyone ignores it. Everyone.

This used to be the Barking Squirrel restaurant, in the park in Portland. It had great murals on all the inside walls. Pretty good food, too. Looks closed, now. Cool little building. It would make a great apartment.

This is Mac, my parent’s dog. He’s a shy little freak. He hides upstairs if he knows other dogs are around, but will venture down to say “hi” when you first get there. He is my father’s symbiote. He literally eats out of his mouth. Ew. I sometimes secretly hope that I am the child of the mailman.

Remember Cooper? Cooper got big. Cooper says Hi!

Coopers says please don’t leave. I love you.

Cooper says watches are tasty. Mmmm.

Coopers asks what is this thing back here? I will bite it. Cooper is smarts.

And then we eat, go home, take a nap, do laundry, eat again, and go to bed. Every Sunday. Wee! There are no pictures of any of this. You’re welcome.

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One Response to Sunday, Sunday (la la, la la la la)

  1. M says:

    What do you mean no photos of the dinner itself??? C’mon! We can handle it!!!!!

    BTW—Cooper is freakin adorable!!! Why no photos of he and Mr. Grady?

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