Love was in the world on Saturday

Date day is not for the faint of heart… 

This weekend the Hub and I had a date day. On Saturday morning, we got up when we wanted to, had a bagel when we felt like it, cleaned up, and left the house to do what we wanted. No firm agenda, no solid plans. We just wanted to hang out, outside of the house.

I have this thought in my head that I could reupholster a chair. I think I could do it. So, I sometimes make Hubby go to the Salvation Army on Warren Ave to look at their furniture. But, when I get there, I am always put off by the crappiness of the furniture. It looks like they peeled old Mr. Burgess’s rigored body out of the chair mere moments prior to plopping it on the floor of the ‘ol S.A. Ick. Saturday was no different.

We went to Upscale Consignment store. Have you ever been? You get to look through room after room of furniture that people no longer want. If something catches your eye, the tag attached has several dates on it. You see, the longer the item sits there, the cheaper it gets. So, if you like a piece, but it has just arrived, you get to play a little gambling game. Will it be here in two weeks? Will someone else see the gloriousness of this rattan toilet cover, or am I the only one? Do I buy it now? DO I?

We stopped at Tuesday Morning, over by the Mall. Yes, you have to sift through crap, but you can get great deals on good stuff! I found a pair of slippers, blue, in my size (13), for 8 dollars. That’s awesome. I found a new leather wallet for 5 bucks. I found a 5 foot solid copper mother manatee and baby manatee statue for several hundred bucks. Hubby wouldn’t let me get it. Very few people have my design vision.




We had lunch at Chili’s. They have new burgers that have thick cut brown sugar and chili powder dusted bacon on them. It came with a smoky chipotle sauce. It was To. Die. For.

Then, we finished off our date day with a nap and season 5 of Sex and the City. I think I am becoming addicted. I actually had the “Which Sex and the City friend am I most like” conversation with two different people this weekend. I’d like to think I am Carrie, but without the bad clothes. Others believe that I am Charlotte. And they are entitled to their (wrong) opinions.

My Slippers

Upscale Consignment

Tuesday Morning

Chilis: You can see the burger…

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4 Responses to Love was in the world on Saturday

  1. Hubby says:

    You are Charlotte…and I am Miranda, I think.

  2. Hubby says:

    P.S. We DID NOT buy that chair. Where did that pic come from?

  3. Pete Haas says:

    “You see, the longer the item sits there, the cheaper it gets.”

    omg! I don’t know if they were still doing it when you were at the Naz, but the REAL Filene’s Basement on Washington St (not the discount retail chain) did the exact same thing with color-coding…every week something was there it would be a higher percentage off and eventually get donated if noby bought it…LOL

  4. chris2fer says:

    I remember! I miss shopping downtown. Sigh. Portland is just not the same.

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