Chris2fer’s Favorite Things 7

Good music, good film, good book. That about covers your culture for the day. 

A few years back I took a chance and bought a couple CDs from a little know jazz / swing / vocal musician named Steven Santoro. Since then, his music has become one of the things I listen to that relaxes me, and puts me in a good mood. He is releasing a new album soon, and I’ll be buying that, too. Here is his site: You should go through and listen to some of his music. Maybe it’ll put you in a good mood? Plus, he’s gay and hot. There’s that, too.


My favorite Romantic Comedy of all time is Notting Hill. It surprises me how divided people are regarding this movie. Some people swear by it, love it, live it, have the poster and the t-shirt and the tattoo, and some people really hate it – couldn’t make it through it, started a petition against it, think it is a sign of the coming apocalypse, use it to break up with significant others. Come on, haters. Julia Roberts is luminous, Hugh Grant has never been more Britishly clumsy and self effacing, and it is set in London, at a little book shop. Cute normal guy falls for mega super star, and they fall in love. Wonderful group of quirky friends. Clever patter-ful dialog. Watch it again! I insist!


I got the book “Hero” for Christmas. It is a novel about a 16 year old teenager named Thom who is living with his divorced dad. It is the normal high school goings on and angst and such. Only, his dad used to be this “Batman” type superhero. Oh, and Thom is gay. But in the closet. And possibly he is a superhero, too. Wacky! The characters are nicely fleshed out, it is filled with pithy dialog and is slightly action packed. I read it in less than a week. Get it here: “Hero” at

Lastly, a huge thanks to everyone who stopped by or emailed or commented yesterday. You are all wonderful and it made me feel great. Yay, internet! Yay, friends!

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