Matt, Erin and Emma

Ah, the smell of wood stain, oil paint and baby. What could be better? 

One of the best things about living where the Hubster and I live is that it is a dead end street, with just a few houses on it; and that we know and like our neighbors. Well, most of them. Some of them we only know by the nicknames that we have given them. Hello, Crunchy-People! Hello, Stoners!

I mentioned last week during the macaroni and cheese extravaganza that we were having dinner at Matt and Erin’s house. (Their nickname is “The Mecans”, because they work at the Maine College of Art. Yes, we are very creative with our nick-naming.) As luck would have it, I remembered to bring my camera.

Erin is a painter. Currently she is in her “cake” phase. This is much like Picasso’s blue phase, but with 100% more frosting. See?

Those are some hungry flies! Plus – maybe they should open a window.

Matt is primarily a carpenter, a worker of wood. There are several pieces scattered around the house that he has done, but I think I like this one the best. It is a beautiful stain color, and look at the outline of the tabletop – those are several pieces of wood that all fit together perfectly. It’s pretty amazing.

But perhaps the best piece of art in their whole house is the one that they collaborated on. They call it “Emma”. She is smart, happy, and a beautiful addition to our neighborhood. Look at her gorgeous eyes!

Hello! I am the Princess of Cute, from the land of Adorable.

PS – My picture of Erin’s art is too dark – it is much brighter in person.

Matt and Erin’s website – coming soon!

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One Response to Matt, Erin and Emma

  1. erin says:

    We agree that Emma is our best little project yet! Thanks for such a great night 🙂

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