A Vue to a Kill

I think I felt it slide a little… 

This past weekend Sabrina took me to test drive a new vehicle with her. You see, her lease on her big ‘ol SUV was up, and she wanted to switch to a different car. When she took it into the dealership (rhymes with Shmoyota) they gave her the major runaround and she decided to get a car somewhere else rather than deal with their poopiness. So, we ended up at the Saturn dealership.

We chatted for a bit with our salesperson Thad, who, in spite of my instant dislike / fear  of car salespeople was very nice and personable, and then plunked ourselves down into a Vue – a smaller SUV.

We drove the Vue to the end of the street, and did wheelies in an empty parking lot. That was fun! It went like this:

Me: Now go, go GO!

Sabs: I am! <car is going 15 mph>

Me: No – Accelerate! You need to go past 20 miles an hour!

Sabs: Ok. <car is now going 17 mph>

Me: Sigh. OK, slam on the brakes…

Sabs: <tappity tap tap>

Me: Now swerve… try to skid!

Sabs: <twitching the wheel>…

Me: We are trying to see how this handles! You need to drive faster than you can walk!

Sabs: I am! I am!

Me: …

Sabs: And… I think we’re done here.

At the end Sabrina ended up with a gorgeous new Vue, with Onstar and XM Satellite radio and heated seats and good gas mileage and it has room enough for my legginess, which, let’s be honest, is all that really matters.


PS – I might have exagerated our conversation a teensy bit. Artistic license.

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2 Responses to A Vue to a Kill

  1. Sabrina says:

    The dealership that rhymes with Shmoyota (of Portland) was terrible to me. I will never go back there and I had purchased 3 cars from them previously. Their sales manager is a jerk. It is too bad because thier service department is wonderful and I previously had good experiences with them.

    I loved my Limited Edition 2005 Toyota Highlander (V6 AWD). It was beautiful. I hope whoever buys it enjoys it as much as I did.

    I have to say, though that my new Saturn Vue is fabulous. Its peppy, and comfortable and rides great. It is roomy and is perfect for my lifestyle. I am very happy with my new car!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I know what you mean. I bought my Matrix from them and it was a terrible experience. The Sales Manager was rude bullying. I’ll never go back to buy a car from them.

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