History Boys and gay butlers

This weekend, amidst the snow and the snow and the snow. Oh yeah, and the snow…

Hubby and I went to Pat’s Meat Market on Friday night, with Jess and Matt – it was good, as usual. I had the inside out chicken cordon bleu… yummy. Pound a chicken breast flat, then roll it around some asparagus. Wrap the whole thing in bacon, bread it, sear it, bake it, and finally cover it in a cheese sauce. Yes, please.

Other than that, I went out with Sabrina on Saturday morning, saw my parents on Sunday, and hung with the Hub all the rest of the time. We did watch two movies on Saturday that were 1. boring and 2. awesome. Respectively.

Oh, Ralph. Wait, what? Raieef? What?

The first movie we watched was Bernard and Doris, an HBO film. It is about the richest girl in America, Doris Duke, and her butler, Bernard Lafferty. I did a quick Google, and saw that almost all of the reviews were good. They praised the acting and the story and the dialog and the sets and blah-bitty blah blah. Yes, it stars Ralph (Raeeef) Finnes and Susan Sarandon, so it has name recognition. But Ms. Sarandon comes off as a stilted rendition of a Bette Davis wannabe. And you can’t figure Ralph out. Is he scamming her? Is it hero worship? Does he love her? Did he kill her? I mean, she left him 5 million dollars. And he did get to wear some of her best gowns. Whatever, I didn’t get it. All told, it wasn’t a terrible TV movie, but didn’t really move us.

Hello, Boys. …And, um, teachers.

The second movie we watched was History Boys. Why had I never heard of this? I checked Wikipedia, and this was an award winning play in London, and it went on world tour, and it ended up on Broadway where it won tons of Tonys, and it became a movie, all with the same actors the whole way through. That’s pretty amazing.

The story surrounds 8 high school boys in England who are preparing for their entrance exams and interviews to try and get into Oxford or Cambridge. It is set in 1983, with all the appropriate clothes and music and mentality. The actors who play the boys are all young and attractive and perfectly cast.

There is the casanova, and the jock, and the gay kid, and the smart one, and the smart-ass one, and the foreign one, and the fat one, and the religious one. And the thing is – they are all best friends. They value the process of learning. They depend on each other and help each other. It’s what you wished high school could have been.

The best part is, not only are there all these fully fleshed out student characters, but you get to know the teachers, too. The movie explores them, not only as leaders in these boy’s lives, but as separate people who have their own lives. People who have to deal with happiness and crappiness just like the boys.

Yes, there is a gay theme to this movie. But, it is not an angsty suicide-watch life-is-bleak kinda movie. It’s just there. Several people have to go through their own journey, and a couple of them happen to be gay.

I would definitely recommend History Boys. It’s wonderfully acted and a great story. And, if there is nothing else on, catch a repeat of Bernard and Doris, and let me know what you think.  This is what Grady thought…

You bore me.

PS – The cable (and internet and phone – damn those bundles!) went out last night. What did people do before TV and internet and phone? I felt like it was one step away from washing out our underthings in the crick out back. With a rock.

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