Racing the rain

That would be a bear to try and get out of leather seats…

This morning, rather than skid my way into work at 5:45am, I stayed home. I slept about an hour more than I normally do, and when I got up, I had a cup of coffee and watched the weather report. They said that the snow would stop early this morning, and then turn to rain.

Our backyard with about 2 feet of snow piled up.

Hubby went out to clean his car off (he was going to work, as he has 4 wheel drive) and stuck his head back in to say that it had already turned to rain. I ran upstairs, threw on some clothes, and went out to snowblow. You see, if you don’t snowblow when it is nice and dry, and you wait for the snow to get wet, then the snowblower won’t work. Well, I just made it. After 45 minutes, it was really raining. I was soaked, and the snow was really heavy. However, I prevailed! See?

When I got back in, soaked and sweaty, I threw my coat on a chair in the kitchen to dry, and sat down in the living room to relax a little. Hub called and told me that it had been a good idea to stay home, as the roads were gross and I probably would have “crapped myself” if I had to try to drive in. I guess it wouldn’t have just been the roads that were gross then, huh?

I have been teased about the color of this forever. But, I haven’t been confused for a deer and shot yet!

 Grady, who had been watching me “play” outside for over an hour, really wanted to join in the good times. How can you refuse this face?

Here is my chicken. You should try to take it. That would be fun for me.

Anyway, that was my morning. How was yours?

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