Everybody needs a hug sometimes.

Even those people who don’t like to be touched. Freaks.

Last night the Hubby and Sister Kristin and I had dinner with Nanny (our grandmother) for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t want her to be alone on the day of love. (Ack.) We had Chinese food, which is Nannie’s favorite take out. Whenever I have Chinese I think of my Grampy, Nanny’s late husband. I think that she does, too. Grampy loved Chinese food. Well, American Chinese food. You know.

Nanny lives nearby, but I rarely get over to see her. I have some amount of guilt about that. She lives alone now. She used to live with Grampy, but he passed away over ten years ago. When he died, my aunt Danna moved in with Nanny. Then Danna passed away 5 years ago. It hit my grandmother pretty hard. Sister Kristin does live very near Nanny, but I feel like Nanny is alone most of the time.

I chatted with my Mom about it, and she said that she feels that Nanny doesn’t have much to live for anymore. She said that Nanny told her that she wants to be with Danna and Grampy. When I heard that, I felt a very great need to hug Nanny. So last night, I did.

I wonder. What will my life be like when I am 79? Will I be alone? Will I count the days until I die? Will I be found, weeks after I do die, partially eaten by Grady? (He’s never gonna die. Shuddup.)

And then I remember: I am a happy, happy guy. I don’t depress easily. I’ll be fine, surrounded with love and laughter and family and friends.

At the very least, Sabrina and I and our fourteen hundred cats will be living together and arguing like those two old people in yesterday’s post. That’s something.

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4 Responses to Everybody needs a hug sometimes.

  1. M says:

    Um…don’t forget me and Sadie #5. My Hub is quite sure he’ll “move to heaven” before me…..can I live with you and Sabrina too?

  2. chris2fer says:

    Of Course, M! It will be a commune. All are welcome. We can change each other’s diapers.

  3. Brenda M says:

    😦 Poor Nanny. My Gramp passed away a month ago today and my Gram is lost without him.

    I can imagine your commune being very well-decorated and having very fattening food…sounds like heaven on Earth(except for the diapers…eew 😛 )

  4. Sabrina says:

    I am looking forward to our commune days. I agree with Brenda M……it will be well decorated with lots of fattening food and (I would like to add) yummy cocktails! I think we should hire a boy to take care of us too. Some nice looking young man to be our “nurse”. That would be fun. His name will be Jeffrey, he will wear all white (tight white) and we will have little bells (each one will have a different ring) and we will ring them when we need something from Jeffery.

    Its a wonderful life.

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