Random Thoughts 7

WWCD*? I’ll tell you. He wouldn’t steal!

1. On our way to Katahdin the Hubby and I stopped to get some money from an Automated Teller Machine**. Frequently abbreviated to ATM. (See the knowledge you get here? You’re welcome.) Unfortunately, we left the card in the machine and drove off with our millions. And then, exactly 49 seconds later, someone drove up to the ATM, hit “Yes” to the question that was still showing: “Do you want another transaction?”, and took out 80 bucks. Of our hard earned money. We know it was 49 seconds later because when we called to tell the bank that the card was lost, the very helpful rep verified the time line.

I mean, long run? We’ll get the money back because the bank is good to us, and we have fraud protection. It is a bit of hassle, but it’s minor, and the Hub is handling it. But here’s the thing: If I came upon an ATM that said “Do you want another transaction?”, I would say “No”. I guess it’s always a surprise to me that there are jerks in the world, who would take money that isn’t theirs.

On the bright side, they were stupid jerks, because they took the money in full view of a camera. Duh.

2. The British have an ingenious way of keeping teenagers from loitering where they shouldn’t. They have loudspeakers broadcasting a piercing noise to drive the kids away. But you may wonder why it doesn’t drive away adults? Because the sound is pitched very high. It is so high that most adults cannot hear it. Apparently we lose our hearing from the top down, or something.

But here’s the rub. The kids have turned this around, and made that same sound a ringtone for their phones. Now Mumsie and Dadums can’t hear the phone ringing. Ha ha, adults!

Here is the story. Click on the link that says “Download Ringtone” and play it. I did, and cannot hear it. I guess I’m old. Can you hear it? Let me know in the comments, and what your age is. Let’s figure out the cutoff age.

3. I’m thinking of starting the Gillian McKeith “You Are What You Eat” diet. But, it seems fairly strict. Could you do it? Here’s The Diet.

*What Would Chris2fer Do

**I originally wrote Anytime Money machine. Which is what I thought it was until Sabrina corrected me. I think my father told me that…

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6 Responses to Random Thoughts 7

  1. Sabrina says:

    I always thought ATM stood for Automated Teller Machine?

    Your post reminded me that I was faced with the same situation at the ATM as your theives on Saturday night. After we had dinner and I dropped Sister Kristin off, I went back in town to meet some peopl out at RiRa. I pulled up to the TD Banknorht on Temple Street. I waited for the car in front of me to leave and when I pulled up to the machine the screen said “Would you like another transaction”? Clearly the person in front of me left without finishing. I selected No without hesitation. Not one ounce of me that wanted to take the other person’s money.

    My thoughs on the GMK diet is that you should not go forth with it full force. It is too strict and would be very difficult to maintain. I do believe that you should take her principles (eating whole grains, lean meats, lots of fruit and veg, and eliminate saturated fats and work them into your diet. I can help if you want.

  2. M says:

    I would hit the “no” button too…..I just couldn’t take someone’s money like that. Now if I found $20 in the street….I would totally grab it and keep it. Found a backpack full of money….totally keep it…..but take from the ATM nope.

    You couldn’t hear that sound? Huh? I heard it…it was the most magical beautiful sound I’ve ever heard….you’re old….and I’m a liar.

    Soaked prunes? Mung Beans? Icky. Too strict….and sounds like ingredients would cost you a whole paycheck at Whole Foods. I think you should let Sabs design an eating plan for you……she’d make it more friendly.

  3. Sister says:

    Yeah – I totally couldn’t hear that.

  4. Brenda M says:

    😦 I really am old I guess based on the fact that I heard nothing! But I’m happy to no longer be a teenager in many ways.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your ATM experience. People drive me crazy. Do you know, we had a broken air conditioner sitting by our SIDE steps and someone came into our yard and took it…in broad daylight no less. I felt very violated after that. It’s a sad sad world.

  5. cookingcolicchio says:

    I wouldn’t steal from the ATM………….i am 40 and can just barely hear that horrid sound…………..and that diet is seriously lacking in coffee!

  6. Darling Nikki says:

    I couldn’t hear a thing… now I feel old, thanks!

    Which bank’s ATM did you use? At my bank when the “do you want another transaction” question pops up, if you hit yes (which I have done – not to steal someone else’s money but because I needed to do something else with my own account) you have to re-enter the pin number. Pretty scary that yours doesn’t require it.

    I hope you get your money back soon and then you can take Sabrina and I to lunch on yuor dime when she’s back from ATL! 🙂

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