Knock knock. Who’s there?


Last night around 8pm the Hub was walking by the basement stairs, when he stopped and got a weird “I’m listening to some strange and possibly expensive sound” look on his face. I paused The Biggest Loser Couples Edition and walked over to him – Yes, I could hear it too. It sounded like pipes knocking. Oh, goody.

We went to the basement to check it out. After using echo-location to figure out where the sound was coming from (I think it’s here! Nope… more to the left… nope…Ouch! That pipe is hot!…wait…wait… yes. No. Yes! <knock>) we just stood and stared at the offending pipe, listening to it knock out a very rhythmic tapping. Like there was someone hitting it. Like there was someone sending us messages via Morse code! Dead people!

We finally decided to call our furnace guy. Yes, we have a furnace guy. His name is Tim Delaney, and if you live in or around Portland you should use him. (I’ll post his number at the bottom.) Tim had me describe where it was coming from and what it sounded like, and if it was very loud, or just a little loud, and if there was water anywhere, and if the section was hot or cold. He decided that he would come over right then if I felt that he needed to, or we could wait until today. I told him to wait.

I got the brilliant idea to run upstairs and start turning on all the faucets, and forcibly shutting them off. And hey. It stopped the knocking.

I guess I am a genius plumber slash furnace guy.

Or, that the ghost got tired of our not-understanding his morse code message and moved on to Jess and Matt’s house.

PS – Sister Kristin sent me this picture of Cooper. Isn’t he a wuddle puddin pup?

Delaney Burner Service – 831-5974

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One Response to Knock knock. Who’s there?

  1. M says:

    Your Genious knows no bounds.

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