American Idol Season 7

The Top 12 Gals 

Well, I have to say that the girls were underwhelming on Wednesday night. I seriously think that we are going to have a boy American Idol this year. Which works for me! Achem. On to the top twelve ladies.

1. klc2.jpgKristie Lee Cook. 24 years old. Sang “Rescue me”.

Kristie is one of the girls who I can’t remember. She blends in with the other Carrie Underwood wannabees. I think that she was the one who complained about the flu.

2.  jo-anne.jpg Joanne Borgella. 25 years old. Sang “Say A Little Prayer”.

Joanne was this years answer to Jennifer Hudson, expect that she couldn’t sing and didn’t have the attitude that made Jennifer so fun to watch. I don’t think that any note she hit was on key.

3. alaina.jpg Alaina Whitaker. 16 years old. Sang “More Today Than Yesterday.”

Alaina is young, and can sing. However, she needs to color her hair, or get a stylist, or something, ’cause she’s blending in with Kristie, Brooke and Kady.

4. amanda.jpg Amanda Overmyer. 23 years old. Sang “Baby, Please Don’t Go”.

I like Amanda because she is obviously different. She’s not pop star pretty, either. Yes, her voice is way too much like Janice Joplin’s, but at least it’s not way too much like Kelly Clarkson or somesuch. That said, girl needs a hair makeover.

5. amy.jpg Amy Davis. 25 years old. Sang “Where the Boys Are”.

Amy sucked. She was so nervous that everything that came out of her mouth was un-pretty. See you later, Amygator.

6. brooke.jpg Brooke White. 24 years old. Sang “Happy Together”.

I like Brooke, not only because she has the same amount of teeth as Carly Simon (too many), but also because I dig her voice. However, Brooke – some advice. When you are singing Happy Together, do not grab your hair like you are having the best orgasm of your life. This is not a shampoo commercial. Stop it.

7. alexandrea.jpg Alexandrea Lushington. 17 years old. Sang “Spinning Wheel”.

She has a great voice. But, the best thing about Alexandrea Lushington is that her name is the best drag name I have ever heard. She should add Lady in front of it. Lady Alexandrea Lushington. Awesome.

8. kady.jpg Kady Malloy. 18 years old. Sang “Groovy Kind of Love”.

Kady has a good voice and a better body. She’ll do fine. She wont win, but she’ll get a nice career boost out of this.

9. asiah.jpg Asia’h Epperson. 19 years old. Sang “Piece of my Heart”.

I’h Like’h Asia’h. She’h has’h a’h great’h voice’h. She’h is’h perky’h and’h cute’h and’h can’h belt’h a’h song’h. Plus’h, great’h name’h. She’ll’h do’h well’h.

10. ramiele.jpg Ramiele Malubay. 20 years old. Sang” You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”.

Now, this girl has it. Plus, have we seen an asian contestant on this show before? However, the best thing about Ramiele is that she has Christian’s hair from project Runway. Seriously, this might be Christian in drag. Or, you know. How he dresses on any normal Wednesday.

11. syesha.jpg Seyesha Mercado. 21 years old. Sang “Tobacco Road”.

She has a good voice, and is quirky enough to be memorable. She’ll go far.

12. carly.jpg Carly Smithson. 24 years old. Sang “The Shadow of Your Smile”.

Carly released an album a while ago, that tanked. But I think that this is the boost she needs. She has good chops and is pretty and different enough to make it. Could be a finalist.

Some of my favorite unfortunate pix from girls night:

What’s wrong with my tiny yellow bangs? Shuddup. I will cut you.


Stank face.


Horror movie or Porn movie or happy 60’s ditty? You decide.
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One Response to American Idol Season 7

  1. Darling Nikki says:

    I think Girl #6 (Brooke) looks 42, not 24, in the headshot you used from the site. And you are right (as usual); it was like an Herbal Essence commercial live from CBS Television City!

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