Stinky squared…

But now it’s like a minty fresh snowstorm in heaven! 

Even though Grady is the cutest puppy on the face of the earth, ever, there is a special secret that anyone who has not met him might not know. Yes, he has a white coat that is hypoallergenic and soft and petable. Yes, he is smart enough to know when I am just thinking about giving him a bath or clipping his nails or something else that he would hate, and finds himself a new and different hiding place. And yes, he is the child that Hubby and I lavish all of our love on. But. His breath could knock over a bull at 100 paces. When he licks your face you have to fight off a gag reflex. I mean, his breath has literally woken me out of a dead sleep. I’m not kidding.

So, due to the people who threatened to stop coming to our house, and the fact that although it is an amazing technique for exfoliation, being breathed on should not be so terrifying, we had Grady’s teeth cleaned last week.

This is a big deal. They have to put Grady under in order to chip away at the 3 years of nasty on his teeth, in addition to the (very strong) sedative to get him to stay still, and the nail clipping. What? You didn’t think we would pass up an opportunity to get his nails clipped without the hysterics, did you? Silly.

When I got home from work on Thursday, Grady was waiting for me at the door. And he was doped to the gills. All he did for two days was sit and stare at the wall, or stare at the carpet, or sleep. Well, except that time on Friday afternoon when I played ball with him. He lasted for 1 throw. He “ran” to the ball (stumbled and only collided with one wall), and then sat down beside it. I really think he forgot what he was doing.

The vet called to check on him, and I mentioned that he was still loopy. She said that they had to give him a pretty strong sedative, and he might be having a problem metabolizing it. You think? Anyway – I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap some pictures of his drug use…

He was sitting in the kitchen. In the dark. Alone. For about twenty minutes. Just sitting…


I took a close up, and I don’t think he actually noticed the flash going off.


Not too bad, considering that this is the teeth cleaning and all his meds for the coming year.

Eventually the sedative did wear off, and he is back to his normal self. Except with awesome Ryan Seacrest breath. You know, from that commercial? Anyway, he is at the groomers now, so when I pick him up later this afternoon he will be my pretty little puppy with the minty fresh breath!

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One Response to Stinky squared…

  1. Peg says:

    Probably not a newsflash here but we began using a battery operated toothbrush on our dog after the scaling expenses and his teeth have maintained now for a year. It takes the work out of it and we probably aren’t bearing down as hard as we were with the standard toothbrush so his only movements are trying to make sure he gets the cheese flavored toothpaste off of his teeth. Anyway…as I said – probably something everyone does but just in case.

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