Just Like Marie Ant With A Net

Don’t you remember you told me… 

The boys of American Idol sang again on Tuesday night, and I have to say that I was impressed overall. This is a pretty talented group. A couple things did stick out in my brainpan, though…

1. I feel bad for the deaf listeners of American Idol for a few reasons. First, it is a singing competition, and if you can’t hear them sing, it can’t be that enjoyable to watch. I guess it would turn into a competition for who you think is the cutest. (Which it already is, on second thought.) And second, the close captioning is hit or miss at best. Maybe deaf people think the song “Killer Queen” (by Queen) is really about a small ant named Marie who has a net:

(Just like Marie Antoinette )


(Khrushchev and Kennedy)

2. Danny Noriega covered “Superstar” by the Carpenters. I love Karen’s voice, and would rather hear her sing it, but he did it pretty well. I’m happy that Simon is embracing him (in the straight guy way). Simon told Danny that he was interesting to watch, and that the camera loved him. I guess that’s a nice way to say that he is a little queeny. Just a skosh.

Karen loves Danny, too!

3. If David Archuleta does not win American Idol then this whole thing is meaningless and worthless and stupid. He sang “Imagine” and it brought me to tears. And it brought Paula to tears. We’re very much alike, you know, Paula and me. I think we could be best friends. Except she said that she wanted to tear off his head and hang his body from her rear view mirror, which is a little drastic, I think. Decapitation is taking your love a little far. Nevermind.

4. Robbie Carrico is wearing a wig. I guess Simon was right, and he is a poser. Link

5. I know this isn’t definitive proof, but it’s just possible that David Hernandez might be just maybe a little gay. Which, you know, puts him in good company with at least 50 % of the other male contestants. Link

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