Love Letters

Notes on a scandal 

Since I leave for work at an ungodly hour, I don’t get to see the Hub until he gets home from work much later in the evening. So, I frequently leave little notes just to let him know that I still love him, no matter how many times he stole my pillow last night or how frequently he ‘accidentally’ hit me while I was sleeping, and no matter how many times I woke him up by checking to see if Grady was still breathing or just to chat about love, life and the future at 2 in the morning. You know, the usual.

My notes usually follow a theme, and are fairly predictable…

Usually his note responds in kind. Yesterday, however, I got what I can only assume is a portrait of Hubster grinning maniacally. With love? And lipstick? I can tell it is the Hub because it has hair. And I don’t.

Whichever, I love the picture, and it is going on the site as the new Profile Picture.

Love you back, Hubby!

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